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We know that trenching work involves risk, but when shoring deep excavations, the potential for danger increases exponentially. When working with large trenches, the ground pressure can be immense and difficult to calculate as well as the extra fall risks for workers at ground level. 

The welfare and safety of workers should be a primary concern for all on any job site. Reducing the potential of physical injury not only protects your most valuable asset, your people, but it also helps protects your business. As such it is critical that you comply with Australian Standards and OH&S regulations, and always making it a priority to use the best equipment to prevent falls. Edge Protection Systems are an effective way to manage some of the risks when working in deep trench excavations or working at heights. 

“We are aware of a number of investigations continuing where serious injury has occurred on site due to failure to have correctly installed Edge Protection Systems in place. Effectiveness will always depend upon; appropriate design, adequate product testing, system maintenance, correct installation and most importantly appropriate use, which is why Shore Hire not only recommends using our edge protection system, but using the right one for the job” says Luke Geelan Managing Director. 

The Shore Hire range of Edge Protection Safety Equipment has been developed in response to the ongoing industry demands for safe access in shoring applications. The Shore Hire Edge Rail Protection System is compatible with Shore Hire Boxes and Trench Sheet Systems and undergone rigorous testing by third-party auditors to ensure all trench box edge protection handrails can withstand static test loads as required to satisfy the requirements of AS/NZS 4994.1:2009, SECTION 4 APPENDIX A & B.

The Shore Hire Edge Protection Systems available to hire or purchase include:

  • Edge Safe Handrail System
  • Ladder Safe Platform
  • Davit Safe / Fall Arrest
  • Ladders
  • Access Ramp
  • Rescue System
  • Stair Access Platform
  • Self-levelling Stair

The Shore Hire Edge Protection System can be delivered as part of our comprehensive full-service solution and includes free on-site assessment, engineering design and delivery. Our technical sales team, backed by our in-house engineers, can also provide our customers with site inspections, detailed drawings, methodologies and on-site support. 

Shore Hire is a leading supplier of high-quality shoring, propping and traffic equipment to the construction sector offering one of Australia’s most complete product ranges, with high quality equipment and components fit for any construction undertaking. Shore Hire is committed to supplying leading edge temporary works solutions, delivering expert advice, innovative products and safe work designs to the industry. 


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