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2021 Machine Of the Year / Medium


The Cat 150 All Wheel Drive grader is jam-packed with an array of new technology. These integrated technologies when used together increase productivity, ease of operation and accuracy on grade.

The new Cat Grade® 3D GNSS mastless systems are factory fitted for a seamless Cat dealer network support. Combining other technologies such as Auto Articulation for quicker turn arounds, Stable Blade that reduces grader bounce and E Fence that prevents blade contacting step, tyres and cabin the operator can concentrate on moving material more efficiently without the distraction.

The Cat advanced control joysticks with Grade control buttons integrated into the joystick allows the operator to control full automated grading seamlessly with up to 78 per cent less arm movement to increase operator comfort and reduce fatigue. Experienced operators can work consistently and efficiently during their shift while less experienced operators can now achieve faster productivity.

Eco mode delivers up to 10 per cent less fuel consumption and operating costs are reduced via new cartridge filters in re-useable cannisters and longer service intervals.

With the versatility and operator comfort the new Cat 150 AWD grader is designed to increase your uptime and reduce costs to get more work done in less time, safely and efficiently.



Volvo ECR235E. Finalist for Medium Machine Of The Year in the Australian Earthmoving Awards.

Volvo ECR235E

In such a tightly contested market, competing with many manufacturers that focus solely on the small to medium excavator space, it takes something extra to stand apart from the crowd. The Volvo ECR235E offers outstanding value, comfort and versatility .

It features the usual modern conveniences such as a generous 8 inch monitor, selectable modes of operation, programmable joy stick buttons and Bluetooth connectivity

Volvo’s “Dig Assist” and “Active Control” systems can also be optioned to aid in performing fine control, highly detailed trimming functions used in conjunction with the reduced swing radius, the ability to limit the range of motion available vastly improves safety.

The overall fit and finish of the panel work and the aesthetics of the machine design are functional and understated, as you’d expect from such European pedigree.

With the quality that goes into every Volvo product, comes reliability. This equates to maximised up-time and increased earning potential.



Hidromek HMK230LC . Finalist for Medium Machine Of The Year in the Australian Earthmoving Awards.

Hidromek HMK230LC

The HMK230LC is extremely well finished and delivers a new level of efficiency in its operation. It weighs in at a hearty 23.9 tonnes and is powered by a 172hp 4-cylinder Isuzu engine. The machine is built for longer life thanks to the heavy-duty, reinforced steel components and more durable bronze graphite bushings preventing wear in the boom-arm and boom-frame structural linkages.

The cabin is spacious and comfortable and features adjustable ergonomic air suspension seat, class leading climate-controlled air-conditioning, excellent operator visibility and work lighting, including dual wipers ensuring great visibility in all conditions, as well as excellent cabin noise and vibration dampening.

The HMK230LC has all the safety features you would expect including rear camera, high-visibility work lights, beacon light and ROPS, FOPS, FOGS II guard safety protection and additional factory handrails.

All of the Hidromek machines have impressed us and the backup service from Onetrak makes the HMK230LC an excavator that you need to be on your radar.



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