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250 Hidromeks sold in Australia

Hidromek remains the market leader in Turkey and have sold in excess of 50,000 machines around the world through their global dealer network.

Hidromek has developed a range of machinery that has obtained an impressive list of design awards including German Design Awards, IF Design Germany Awards, Red Dot Awards, ABC Awards, Automotive Brand Contest Awards and several Good Design Awards.

Hidromek are continuously developing their existing machinery range and expanding with new releases. In the last few years a new series of excavators has been released along with numerous new machinery models. At the latest Bauma show Hidromek launched several new releases including the HMK630WL Wheel Loader, K4-Series Backhoe Loader, a tracked mini–Backhoe Loader HMK62T, HMK680MG Grader, HMK235LCSR, HMK520LCHD, HMK150WR and more.

Onetrak took over the national distribution of Hidromek construction equipment in 2018 and has recently reached a milestone by delivering over 250 machines in Australia.

Al Garcia, National Sales Manager at Onetrak reflects on the recent milestone “2022 has been a wonderful year for New Hidromek sales, the machines have rightly earned their deserved recognition as a high quality European manufactured product that is highly reliable and very refined to operate in any conditions. This along with our commitment to customer support has given many new customers the confidence to invest in Onetrak and Hidromek. It is due to the continued commitment and magnificent work that our team does both in promoting the machines and servicing the Hidromek product to the highest standard that is helping us achieve our goals”.

So where to from here?

David Hazell, Managing Director at Onetrak gives some insight into the future direction for Hidromek “We are proud to be the sole Australian distributor for the quality Hidromek product and very grateful for the loyal support we have received from customers across Australia. This milestone of 250 machines sold in Australia is significant, but we are certain it will be the first of many. The Hidromek product is heavy-duty, but at the same time very refined. I am pleased to say we are experiencing a considerable amount of repeat business with happy clients and operators. At Onetrak we are very confident in the future with Hidromek and continue to invest in increased levels of parts inventory, service training and infrastructure to support this brand with our talented staff nationally”.

David Hazell, Managing Director.

In addition to selling Hidromek machines Onetrak also has Hidromek machines in the rental fleet offering various options for customers regardless of whether they are looking for short-term hire or their next equipment investment.

The Onetrak dealership network covers sales and aftersales Australia-wide with branches in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

Get in touch with Onetrak today to learn more about Hidromek or to book in a demo. Visit www.onetrak.com.au or call 1300 727 520.


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