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A New Weapon for Bushfire Maintenance

With the New South Wales bushfire season set to begin from October through to March, Ramec PTY Ltd’s close knit team have been performing valuable preservation work behind the scenes, including erosion control, heavy plant service and fire trail maintenance for the National Parks. And with Eastern Australia being one of the most fire-prone regions in the world, their work is vital to ensuring bushfires are controlled for the safety of their community.

Additional team members…

Predominantly servicing the northwest region of NSW, Ramec has a fleet of CAT bulldozers, graders, track loaders, excavators, and water trucks. Director, Roger Hamilton, operates this machinery with a small, dedicated team of five employees and for certain projects, he’ll hire in additional staff. “I only employ people who are cheerful and have a can-do attitude. Sometimes the work is tough, but I’d prefer to go short than employ the wrong person,” says Roger.

Although the work Ramec does can be challenging, Roger says his latest excavator attachment has helped immensely. “With the purchase of our new Hitachi 8.5 tonne excavator, we wanted to attach a weapon capable of handling any task we threw at it, ” explains Roger, “and the Doherty D-lock NOX Tiltrotator has provided just that.”

D-Lock NOX Tiltrotator with gripper attachment.

For its first project, clearing land slips and unblocking 70 culverts for the National Parks, the D-Lock Tiltrotator demonstrated what it was capable of. With an eight-day deadline for the project, and the amount of work at hand, Roger explains that without the grunt of the tiltrotator, it was more likely going to take them a month.

“To have attempted this project in a conventionally setup excavator without the D-Lock NOX, it would have easily taken double the time. We were able to clear drains while also using the built-in integrated gripper attachment to move dangerous fallen trees from the side of a mountain to the other side of the road – we completed the project in five and a half days.”

D-Lock NOX Tiltrotator’s optimised control joysticks

Roger says his team are invaluable to the work Ramec does, but that credit must also be given to their equipment, “The quality of the Hitachi excavator and the attention to detail in the fitout of the attachment by Doherty was impressive,” explains Roger, “Considering the fitout of the tiltrotator involves the replacement of the two Hitachi factory joy sticks with two Doherty joysticks, the package worked faultlessly.”

Although the bushfire maintenance works the team at Ramec undertakes is significant for the safety of Australians around NSW, Roger has little interest in being the biggest or wealthiest business around, “I get huge satisfaction from having a happy customer due to a positive project outcome and working within the agreed budgets. Our team may be small, and the work we do difficult, but we choose to have fun doing it while ensuring we deliver a quality outcome.”

Ramec’s Hitachi 8.5 tonne with D-Lock NOX Tiltrotator in the National Parks

Doherty Couplers & Attachments is one of the few manufacturers globally to offer quick couplers 100% compliant to Australian standard AS4772-2008, WorkCover NSW Position paper WC01783, European EN474 standard, ISO 13031 International standard and all major contractor policies.

The D-Lock NOX Tiltrotator’s endless rotation, with a tilt angle of 2 x 50° degrees, turns your machine into a multi-functional carrier, enabling you to complete a variety of work in less time, and create a safe working area. The D-Lock Tiltrotator comes standard with the D-Lock coupler and GPS-ready with state-of-the-art NOXPROP+ Control System.

The main feature of the D-Lock coupler is its Dual Pin Locking plus (DPL+) system ensuring attachments remain securely engaged on both pins in the event of loss of engagement forces and the primary jaw safety lock is backed up by an independent heavy duty compression spring.

 For more information contact:

Doherty Couplers and Attachments

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Roger Hamilton

Ramec Pty Ltd

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New South Wales National Parks and first day on the job for the D-Lock NOX Tiltrotator


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