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A stinky problem needs a speedy solution

There are some smells that tend to stay in your nostrils long after you have left the site. Unfortunately for some residents in the Goulburn LGA, they were down-wind from a temporary treatment process and there was no escaping the odour being generated.

While Goulburn Mulwaree Council was constructing a new, state-of-the-art water treatment plant, 4 temporary settling ponds were required. One of these ponds contained materials that were in the early stages of processing. As a result, the pond was producing an invasive odour that was disturbing nearby residents.

Council contacted Tecpro Australia for some urgent advice and assistance. The Tecpro team suggested the V12s Dust Controller and made some slight modifications to suit the application. Tecpro also suggested a dosing unit to add odour neutralising chemicals to the Dust Controller’s fine water mist.

One of the reasons for recommending the V12s Dust Controller is because it’s incredibly quiet operation. It operates at 60 dBA at a radius of 20 meters – that’s the same sound emission level as normal conversation. As a result, Council was able to offer a highly effective odour suppression solution without creating a noise problem – a real challenge in the quiet rural area.

The Tecpro solution was a winner. Council was quickly able to control all odours from the temporary treatment plant without disturbing the tranquillity of the neighbouring properties.

They were also able to set the V12s to an operational speed that would control spray and water volume to reduce water consumption and keep the use of odour neutralising chemicals to a minimum. This meant Goulburn Mulwaree Council was able to operate the odour neutralising process efficiently and effectively.

Goulburn Council odour control case study

V12s Dust Controllers are highly effective in suppressing dust on urban demolition and construction sites where dust and noise emissions need to be strictly managed. They are equally suitable for large, industrial sites to prevent the release of foul smells including biogas – often found around treatment or recycling plants and composting sites. In fact, they are so effective, a special V12So odour suppression version was recently launched to satisfy the demand for large scale odour control and disinfection.

If you have a problem with dust or odour control, contact the Technical Consultants at Tecpro Australia. Founded in 1982, Tecpro specialises in providing reliable advice and products for a vast array of industrial applications.

For advice and guidance call 02 9634 3370 or visit www.tecpro.com.au.


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