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All new powertrain for the Volvo EC300E hybrid excavator

Volvo CE has announced an all new powertrain for its EC300E hybrid excavator which makes the machine ten per cent more fuel efficient than its predecessor.

The enhancements to the EC300E will also make the hybrid excavator 17 per cent more fuel efficient compared to conventional excavators and will be available in the 30-tonne class.
Along with the EC300E, Volvo CE is set to introduce the technology in two new machines – the 25-tonne EC250E hybrid and 35-tonne EC350E hybrid.
The hybrid excavators can achieve greater fuel efficiency thanks to an electro-hydraulic D8M Volvo engine, which reduces rpm to 1600 from 1800, while also delivering a five per cent increase in power. The extra energy boost in the hybrid system helps lessen the load on the engine.

Operators can access the upper structure with safety and confidence thanks to the new 3-point right-hand side access. Industry renowned features such as bolted anti-slip steps, high visibility handrails and spacious, ergonomic and low-noise Volvo Care Cab ensure the highest levels of operator comfort and safety.

The new technology also decreases carbon emissions by 15 per cent making the machines suitable for working in heavy urban areas.
All three machines make use of Volvo’s hydraulic technology which harvests free energy garnered through down motions of the excavator’s boom. The technology collects energy through boom-down motions to charge a hydraulic accumulator. Energy is then stored and delivered to a hydraulic assist motor when needed to power the engine system.
Volvo CE says controllability and performance of the hybrid excavators hasn’t been compromised when compared to standard machines and is still able to work in Eco mode and hybrid mode simultaneously.
The componentry on the three hybrid excavators remains simple, with minimal add-on components make maintenance of the machines straight forward.
Other additions to the EC300E excavator include new priority functions to prioritise one function (boom/swing and boom/travel) over another and a new adjustable boom-down speed control.

A range of features combine in the EC250E to deliver up to 10% improvement in fuel efficiency. The new D8M Volvo engine reduces rated rpm from 1800 down to 1600, while also delivering a 5% increase in power, and the intelligent new generation electro-hydraulic system provides on-demand flow and reduces internal losses in the hydraulic circuit. Classic Volvo features such as ECO mode and selectable work modes further contribute to outstanding fuel efficiency.

Response times have been improved through an electric control joystick and full electric travel pedals and the excavator’s lifting capacity has increased by five per cent thanks to a 700kg counterweight.
Inside the cab, a new boom-and-arm bounce reduction technology and Volvo CE’s new Comfort Drive Control helps lessen operator fatigue by lessening machine shock and enabling operator’s to steer the machine with the joystick instead of the pedals.
A new splash guard on the urea tank and three-point right-hand side access has also been added to make maintenance of the EC300E easier.

When you choose Volvo CE you not only get world class equipment, you also get full support from Australian owned CJD Equipment. The team are well-trained with a network of dealerships and service centres across the country.

For further details visit www.cjd.com.au.


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