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Americas best selling twin headers

ANTRAQUIP, the worldwide leader in the manufacture of advanced hydraulic cutters, road headers, tunnel support systems and other specialized machinery used in the tunnelling, mining, and construction industries.

The ANTRAQUIP HYDRAULIC CUTTER range are powerful attachments that can excavate rock and concrete efficiently while limiting noise and vibrations. The models ranging from the AQ-1S to the AQ-6 can be mounted on and operated with the auxiliary hydraulics of excavators ranging in size from 1.5 -180 tons.
AQ Cutters offer excellent production rates for rock excavation and concrete removal/demolition while providing precise cutting control. An ANTRAQUIP Hydraulic Cutter is the ideal solution for projects involving trenching, general rock excavation, controlled demolition, scaling, profiling, soil remediation, cutting, tunnelling, rock dredging, and many other applications.
Antraquip is now also offering a variety of cutting drums designed for specific applications. Some of these include specialized drums for tunnelling, scaling, remediation, and stump grinding. In addition, there are various types of carbide cutter bits (picks) available for each machine that are designed for different material and conditions.

The Antraquip range is designed with a transmission consisting of powerful spur gears which are driven by one hydraulic motor. This machine is suitable for soft to medium-hard rock (or concrete) with excellent productions rates and unparalleled reliability.
BOSS ATTACHMENTS also carry a huge range of spare and wear parts to suit these units, including a selection of different cutting tips, for various applications. They also incorporate in-house workshop capabilities, to ensure class leading service throughout the entire region.

Key Features:

• Suitable for excavators/carrier size class starting from 1.5-180 tons
• Cutting Head Diameter 230mm to 1,015mm
• Cutting Head Width 380mm to 1,730mm
• Powerful high torque low speed radial piston motors
• Robust cutting drums to ensure maximum production & prolonged life
• Durable spur gears & housing
• Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, only the best materials are used for excellent quality. Solid, durable and characterized by the now recognizable clean lines designed to resist wear and high stresses in the toughest working conditions
• 12-month factory warranty
• BOSS ATTACHMENTS & Antraquip 24-hour customer support

For more information call 1300 116 661 or visit bossattachments.com.au


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