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ASV MAX-Series Posi-Track Loaders – The Best is Now Even Better

ASV Posi-Track Compact Track Loaders have been an industry staple in Australia throughout the past decade, thanks to their unmatched performance, comfort and reliability. Already packed with exceptional and unique innovations, ASV Posi-Track Loaders are now even more impressive, with the addition of new MAX-Series operator cabs.

Featured as standard on all ASV Posi-Track models sized 65 horsepower and above – including the all-new 132 horsepower RT-135 – MAX-Series cabs offer unmatched comfort, control, visibility, safety and reliability.


A primary focus of ASV’s redesigned MAX-Series cab is the maximum comfort of the operator, even on the longest and hottest days in the seat. Up to 30% more head, shoulder and leg room, plus a fully adjustable suspension seat with four-way armrests, ensures operators of any size are comfortable and relaxed. In addition, the fully insulated cab with improved air conditioning and climate control stays cool and comfortable on hot summer days.

In addition, the unique suspension system found only in ASV Posi-Track undercarriages – including double torsion axles, heavy duty rubber wheels and, on the larger models, independently moving wheels – ensures that shock vibrations felt in the cab are significantly minimised, reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.


One of the first new features operators will notice when they climb in the new MAX-Series cab is the 7-inch colour touchscreen display. This innovative addition conveniently displays all vital machine information, offers a high-quality view of the reversing camera, provides easily accessible service history and comprehensive maintenance schedules.

This gives operators a better understanding of their machine performance and condition, ensuring service and maintenance requirements are met and, subsequently, the machine performs to its brilliant best throughout a longer lifetime.

In addition, the overall layout and positioning of key controls, such as the joysticks and throttle, has been updated to deliver a more ergonomic and operator-friendly experience. The machines are now easier and smoother to control than ever, and set a new industry benchmark for operator satisfaction.

Furthermore, not only has the machine control been improved dramatically, but so too has the operator’s ability to control their work environment. Bluetooth radio, high fidelity speakers, phone connectivity and device control are all new additions to allow operators to better enjoy their work day.


Working with various major blind spots is no longer a concern for MAX-Series operators – the new panoramic all-clear window designs offer 360-degree visibility and unobstructed views all around the machine; in fact, up to 52% more visibility than previous models of ASV Posi-Tracks.

Plus, MAX-Series cabs include the industry’s first roof escape hatch for added operator safety, and offer an optional heavy gauge Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) level 2 cab, for unmatched cab impact resistance.

Furthermore, the high quality 7-inch display screen offers a premium view of the rear of the machine via the reverse camera, to ensure maximum safety for both the operator and also bystanders, and also reduce the likelihood of reversing into hazards and causing damage to the machine or surrounding environment.


As noted above, the MAX-Series range of Posi-Track Loaders from ASV are packed with many crucial safety features often unavailable on alternate brands of Compact Track Loaders.

The new roof escape hatch is an industry-first for added operator safety, the unobstructed panorama views and high-quality reverse camera offers excellent visibility all around the machine, and the optional level 2 cab guarding enhances falling object impact resistance.

In addition, the renowned ASV Posi-Track undercarriage remains as stable, reliable and easy to service as ever. With its unique torsion axle suspension, rubber track system and open wheel design, ground shock is significantly reduced, and dirt and debris are easily ejected from the undercarriage, meaning less wear and tear on the machine and a longer service life. Furthermore, the new MAX-Series cabs include fully sealed watertight fuse panels.


In addition to a premium nationwide service and parts network and 25 local dealers throughout Australia, ASV also offers an industry-leading 2-year warranty on all Posi-Track Loaders, plus comprehensive operational support from our expert product representatives throughout the machine’s entire life.

To learn more about ASV’s range of Posi-Track Loaders, including the new MAX-Series models, visit www.asvaus.com.


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