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ASV Posi-Track: customer-focused design and support

ASV Posi-Track Compact Track Loaders have been an industry staple in Australia throughout the past decade, thanks to their unmatched performance, comfort and reliability.

Following a customer-focused constant improvement methodology with all machine designs, ASV continues to deliver premium machinery and maximum operator satisfaction – including unmatched quality features on its renowned lineup.

Every ASV Posi-Track machine is built to lead the industry in hydraulic performance, tractive effort, undercarriage technology, reliability and serviceability – ensuring you can take on your next job like never before. Couple this with the finest engines, hydraulic systems, counter-balancing configurations and overall performance delivered by the entire range of ASV Posi-Tracks, and the result is a range of CTLs owners and operators can trust for the long haul.

With 14 models and variants of ASV Posi-Track Loader currently on offer, plus new additions to the range releasing in 2023, ASV looks set to retain and grow its long-lasting reputation as one of Australia’s most renowned and preferred line-ups of Compact Track Loaders.


ASV’s MAX-Series cabs are named for providing the absolute maximum in operator comfort, control, performance and productivity to deliver enhanced overall return on investment. Available on all ASV Posi-Track models sized 65 horsepower and above, MAX-Series cabs deliver the new industry benchmark in CTL comfort, performance and operator satisfaction.

Delivering an all-new cabin designed for a premium operator experience, ASV’s MAX-Series loaders feature the industry’s best 360-degree visibility, a more spacious operator area, a fully adjustable deluxe seat, a state of the art 7 inch touch-screen display including machine operational statistics, diagnostics and controls, and increased space to jump in and out of the cab.

In addition to better visibility and comfort, the ASV MAX-Series models include the industry’s first compact loader roof escape hatch, allowing operators to exit the cab rapidly in emergency situations.

MAX-Series Posi-Tracks also include ROPS and reinforced windows for impact resistance. In addition, although not compatible with MAX-Series cabs, the RT-40 and RT-50 models have also been upgraded to include new and improved cabs. Fresh features include an interactive display screen offering the operator constant awareness of machine performance and diagnostics, enhanced head, shoulder, knee and foot space in the cab, and easier access in and out of the door.

Already extremely popular machines, these new improvements solidify the RT-40 and RT-50 models as two of Australia’s favourite CTLs.


Undercarriages on ASV compact track loaders are mounted to torsion axles which suspend machine weight and allow controlled movement up and down. The suspension on ASV compact track loaders improves stability and absorbs impacts for increased operator comfort and machine durability.

This design also keeps the track on the ground to improve digging and maximise traction. When combined with the machine’s superior balance and longest track base in the industry, this machine offers excellent grading capabilities.

In addition, ASV’s unique roller wheels distribute weight evenly across a large ground contact area, significantly reducing ground pressure and increasing traction. Made of a durable UHMW polyethylene molded directly to the hub and coated with a final layer of rubber to provide the perfect balance of a strong center core and the needed track cushioning that results in premium ride and long life, ASV wheels are a customer-focused and distinctive innovation.

ASV compact track loaders also use an internal positive drive in the undercarriage, which efficiently transfers tractive effort from the power train to the rubber tracks. Independent drive motors turn sprockets, which subsequently engage the drive lugs on the inside of the rubber tracks. This low-friction design maximises power transfer, conserving engine power for other machine functions.

Wear between sprockets and track lugs is minimized through free-turning steel roller sleeves on the drive sprocket teeth. Wide sprockets—3 to 5 times wider than competitive designs—and an open support frame that sheds material, keep the sprockets lasting longer. When it is time to replace, the bolt-on rollers keep your costs below traditional non-serviceable designs.


In addition to a premium nationwide service and parts network and 25 local dealers throughout Australia, ASV also offers an industry-leading 2-year warranty on all Posi-Track Loaders, plus comprehensive operational support from our expert product representatives throughout the machine’s entire life.

To learn more about ASV’s range of Posi-Track Loaders, including the new MAX-Series models, visit www.asvaus.com


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