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ASV RT-50 Posi-Track with Clean Valley

For Pete from Clean Valley in the Hunter region of New South Wales – a leading provider of residential site cleans and preparation works – operating a compact track loader that is comfortable, powerful, reliable and easy to operate is paramount to the success, and the genuine enjoyment, of his work.

For this reason, Pete is a loyal repeat customer of the ASV Posi-Track range of machines. Having owned and operated various models of ASV Posi-Track in the past, including the famous PT-50 and RT-60 track loaders, Pete has now chosen the new RT-50 for his upcoming projects. “I’ve been operating the ASV machines for 10 years now, and I can’t speak highly enough about them”, said Pete.

Massive Performance

With the addition of the RT-50 to its line-up, ASV solidifies its place as a leading manufacturer of lightweight, sit-in compact track loaders. With the RT-50, operators can work in more places thanks to the industry’s lowest ground pressure coupled with its narrow width ideal for tight access work. In addition, its light 2.4 tonne weight allows the RT-50 to be towed behind a standard ute, plus its powerful 3-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine packing 50 horsepower and an 11.4 km/h travel speed for maximum efficiency.

“Why we’ve got the RT-50, the brand new one out, is because we needed something with the best stability and power,” said Pete.

Previously a huge fan of his ASV RT-60 Posi-Track, Pete chose the new RT-50 as his latest purchase instead, stating that “I needed a bit smaller machine than the 60, but still needed the power of the 60, and that’s what the 50 has got.”

Ideal for Tight Access

The combination of its narrow width, high ground clearance and industry-leading low ground pressure for its size class was also a key factor in Pete’s decision to run with the RT-50.

“We also needed the RT-50 to get around the tight sites. It does an amazing job, especially with the suspension to get over the rough humps and gutters easily,” said Pete.

Ultimate Comfort

Given the long and tiring days Pete works – often 60 hours or more per week – it’s essential that his machine is comfortable and ergonomic to reduce strain and impact on his body.

“The RT-50 has the brand new suspension seat which is a lot more cushioned and so comfortable. The suspension in the undercarriage also makes the ride smoother and easier than other machines that vibrate and you can feel every bump,” said Pete.

Pete also chose the open cab variant of the RT-50, however for operators who prefer an enclosed cab with air conditioning and heating, an optional All Weather Cab is also available.

Attention to Detail

Perhaps what impressed Pete the most, however, was how ASV have paid such close attention to detail with the new RT-50 with the aim of improving the operator’s overall experience.

“An awesome thing is the brand new electronic dash they’ve got. The readout for the fuel tank is so precise now. The controls are also great, especially with how you can control the accelerator now with your hand, that allows more saving of fuel and makes it easier to move around,” said Pete.

The RT-50 also handles demanding attachments with ease, running a highly efficient cooling system and a robust hydraulic setup that includes 3,000 psi of auxiliary pressure and a 50 litres per minute of flow. The system features large line sizes, hydraulic coolers and direct-drive pumps, transferring more flow and pressure directly to the attachment with maximum efficiency.

The Result: Complete Satisfaction

“I can’t wrap this machine enough, it is so good. What I can do with it, how quickly it pushes the soil around, we’re so glad we’ve got the 50,” said Pete.

Plus Comprehensive Parts, Service and Support

ASV understand that providing a premium quality compact track loader is only half of the job – every machine must also be backed by exceptional customer-focused after sales that minimises machine downtime and maximises customer profitability.

With the backing of ASV’s national dealer network, including the local ASV Sales & Service branch in Newcastle, Pete and Clean Valley are always looked after with any parts, service or support requirement. “The boys at ASV are just great, always helpful and never a problem to deal with. When the machine needs a service, it’s a quick in and out and all done in no time,” said Pete.

In addition, ASV’s national parts supply network delivers regular shipments of all machine componentry to each and every dealer or service agent, plus factory-trained service technicians are available at all dealer branches or for field service throughout Australia. This ensures that all ASV Posi-Track machine owners receive an unmatched quality of after-sales support.

For more information about the ASV RT-50 Posi-Track, Pete’s review of the machine, or ASV’s entire range of 25 – 120 horsepower compact track loader models, visit www.asvaus.com.


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