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ASV RT-65 Posi-Track Loader

Power. Performance. Comfort. Reliability. It’s everything you have come to expect from the original Posi-Track Loader.

ASV Sales & Service and its nationwide dealer network is thrilled to release the brand new, state-of-the-art RT-65 to the Australian market.

ASV’s newest Posi-Track model is designed with the operator in mind, delivering all the key requirements of a compact loader: premium performance, reliable operability, efficient servicing, minimal downtime and remarkable value for money.


The RT-65’s turbocharged 67-horsepower Deutz TCD 2.2 T4 diesel engine produces 250 Nm of torque, which the innovative drive motors transfer to ASV’s patented internal-drive sprockets for maximum power output, tractive effort and pushing power. Internal rollers on the sprocket reduce friction loss within the undercarriage, resulting in superb power being transferred to the track, regardless of drive speed or terrain. 

The RT-65 tops out at a speed of 17.1 km/h and is only 1676mm wide, offering you ample agility to get around your work site with no delay and easy manoeuvring. Moreover, the radial-lift RT-65 has a rated operating capacity of 873kg, a lift height of 2959mm, and a tipping rating of close to 2500kg – delivering massive working capabilities to move more material each load.

As you know, however, power isn’t everything in a track loader – you need to be able to use that power in any conditions to get the most out of your machine. This is where many alternative makes and models of CTL fail the test – but not the RT-65.

ASV Posi-Track loaders are designed first and foremost to operate with maximum effectiveness in a broad spectrum of conditions and terrains, including dirt, gravel, mud and slush. The intelligently engineered Posi-Track undercarriage of the RT-65 offers an industry-leading 330mm of ground clearance, plus the 381mm wide tracks output only 4.3 psi of ground pressure to ensure maximum performance, minimal ground disturbance and enhanced flotation on any terrain. As a comparison, this saves more than 20% ground pressure versus alternate makes and models of track loader in its size category – meaning 20% more efficiency for RT-65 operators.


Yet another area where the ASV RT-65 outstrips other makes and model of CTL in its class is its supreme hydraulic capabilities. You’ll instantly feel the smooth, powerful and well-engineered flow of the RT-65, which continues ASV’s rich legacy of industry-leading hydraulic performance for which the ASV Posi-Track range of CTLs has become world-renowned. 

With a low flow of 84 lpm and a high flow of 103 lpm, plus a maximum system pressure of 3300 psi, operating heavy duty attachments with premium efficiency is another superior capability of the RT-65. Augers, mulchers, grinders, trenchers and, of course, loaded buckets are a breeze, controlled with precision at your fingertips by the easy to use pilot joystick in the cabin.

Couple this superior attachment performance with hydraulic ride control to make machine manoeuvring easy and smooth, plus a hydraulic quick hitch to hook up attachments with the press of a button, and the result is perhaps the most proficient hydraulics you’ve ever seen in a compact track loader. 


Another renowned feature of ASV Posi-Track loaders is their supreme operator comfort. Designed first and foremost with hard-working operators in mind, ASV Posi-Track Loaders remove the discomfort and fatigue that is commonplace in alternative makes and models of CTL.

The intelligently designed Posi-Track undercarriage not only delivers exceptional tractive effort and powerful performance, but also provides a unique suspension system that dampens a large amount of shock and vibration. Dual independent torsion axles coupled with shock absorbing wheels ensures that the vibration caused by traversing challenging terrain like rocks and gravel is dispersed by the undercarriage before it can reach the cabin. The result is supremely smooth operation and reduced operator fatigue – meaning you can work longer operating hours in greater comfort to get the job done.

The RT-65 also offers a generously spacious ROPS cabin fitted out with a suspension seat, roof panel, rear window, sound insulation and air conditioning all as standard. Scorching hot summer days working on harsh rocks and gravel…No problem in the RT-65. Also included as standard are ergonomic right- and left-hand joystick controls positioned for easy arm operation and machine manoeuvring, respectively. A 12V port outlet inside the cabin is highly useful for charging phones and tools, plus an attractive multifunctional display tells you all you want and need to know about your RT-65: hours, fuel, tacho, engine temperature, hydraulic temperature and more.


ASV continue to innovate the compact track loader machine to reach new and unique levels of overall efficiency to assist Posi-Track owners and operators.

The RT-65 possesses a swing-out radiator, a top hood, and doors that allow access to all sides of the engine compartment to maximise ease of servicing and repair. In addition, to streamline the cleaning process, the RT-65’s cooler swings out along with the door. Convenient drain plugs are included on all service items, including drive motors, the hydraulic tank, the radiator and the engine oil pan. Furthermore, the generous 87 litre fuel tank and minimised fuel burn of the RT-65 reduces your need to fill up regularly, meaning more time on the job earning income.


Do yourself a favour and experience the premium qualities of the RT-65 – you won’t believe a compact track loader could be this good. Contact ASV Sales & Service on 1300 837 391 or visit www.asvaus.com to arrange a demo at your local ASV Posi-Track dealer.


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