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ASV RT-75 Posi-Track: meeting your demand for power, performance & versatility

ASV’s RT-75 Posi-Track Loader is the industry’s leading mid-sized rubber track loader, offering an excellent combination of power, traction, low ground pressure and versatility.
ASV Sales & Service has reported a dramatic surge in the number of RT-75 and RT-75 HD models rolling out the door for both owner-operator and rental fleet use, attributing the market demand to the machine’s exceptional versatility and performance compared to other similarly sized track loaders in the Australian market.

The RT-75 is an ideal choice for working in a wide range of applications, from commercial and residential building construction, to road construction, landscaping, and vegetation management to name a few.

The machine uses ASV’s patented Posi-Track undercarriage, including flexible torsion axle suspension and 475mm tracks, to provide the industry’s highest ground clearance, lowest ground pressure, longest track life and best traction over all types of surfaces. A unique 50/50 weight distribution contributes to its unmatched traction performance, making it especially well-suited to challenging ground conditions, from brush and mud to soft sand and steep inclines.

The open rail and drive sprocket design, metal face sealed wheel bearings and composite reinforced tracks featuring a unique non-steel, corrosion-free design, combine to deliver the lowest cost of ownership, thanks to industry-leading durability, and reduced maintenance requirements.
What’s more, the RT-75 is also available in a customised version—the RT-75 Heavy Duty—with upgraded performance and protective features designed to further enhance the RT-75’s performance in vegetation management and other demanding applications. Steel guarding around the HD model protects key areas of the machine—such as lights, the AC condenser and rear screen—against brush and debris, and a protective Lexan door, all weather cab and reversing camera provide additional operator safety.

The RT-75 HD also blows debris out of the engine compartment screens with a hydraulically driven, auto-reversing cooling fan, and a full rear brush guard is also available as a factory-installed option. The machine works with all standard attachments, including mulching heads, brush cutters, brooms, buckets and pallet forks.

Both RT-75 and RT-75 HD models feature a 74-horsepower Cummins 2.8-litre turbocharged diesel engine that produces a class-leading 300Nm of torque—key to its exceptional tractive effort and hydraulic performance. A high-performance high flow hydraulic system is standard, with a load-sensing piston pump delivering 135 lpm at 3300 psi, giving operators the ability to effectively run high-demand attachments such as profilers and stabilisers, mulchers and brush cutters with unmatched power and performance—meaning you get the job done faster.

For more information on the ASV RT-75 / RT-75 HD Posi-Track Loaders, call ASV Sales & Service on 1300 837 391 or visit www.asvaus.com


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