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ASV Sales & Service – The Home of Posi-Track

ASV Posi-Track Loaders – formerly known as Terex Posi-Track Loaders – have carved out a strong reputation in the Australian earthmoving industry for their remarkable quality, performance and reliability. The impressive features offered by Posi-Track Loaders are almost endless: smooth ride quality, robust tractive effort, exceptional stability, faster speeds, high quality componentry and cost-effective serviceability. Often, when comparing the wide variety of compact track loaders on the Australian market, owners and operators must sacrifice one or more of these qualities for another. With the unique ASV Posi-Track Loaders, however, all the great features come in one powerhouse machine.

Various models of ASV Posi-Track Loader are available from ASV Sales & Service, to cater for any owner or operator requirements. Are you often working in tight spaces where accessibility is key? The RT-30 and RT-40 models are perfect for the job. Need more power and size, and keen on the versatility of a mid-sized machine? The RT-60 and RT-60 2-Speed models will suit you to a tee. Do you want some extra size, with the option of heavy duty protection or maybe even vertical lift capabilities? The RT-75, RT-75HD and VT-70 models won’t let you down. Or last of all, if you want the biggest beast capable of massive workloads – and even offering an optional Forestry Heavy Duty setup – the RT-120 is certain to impress.

What’s more, not only are the diverse range of machines of the highest quality – the Australia-wide backup delivered by ASV Sales & Service ensures that owners and operators are supported with unprecedented after-sale care. ASV Sales & Service, in partnership with its National Posi-Track Dealer network, offer service, parts and sales facilities all around Australia. With factory-trained expert service technicians on hand, coupled with parts on-the-shelf numbers exceeding 75,000 at a 96% average fill rate, ASV Sales & Service deliver genuine whole-of-life support for every machine sold throughout Australia. Profoundly focused on minimising downtime, cost and inconvenience for owners and operators alike, you’ll be impressed by the care and support offered by the national ASV Sales & Service network.

In addition, to cater for further growth and expansion in 2019, ASV Sales & Service have extensive stock levels on hand for every model of Posi-Track Loader. They don’t like to make you wait for your Posi-Track machine when there’s work to be done, and so always do everything possible to keep stock on hand at maximum capacity to cater for any level of demand. Furthermore, ASV Sales & Service stock a diverse range of attachments – including buckets, mulchers, slashers, stump grinders, road wideners and profilers, blades and augers – to provide customers working in any industry or environment with the perfect all-in-one machine and attachment package solution.

The result of ASV Sales & Service’s ability to combine a quality machine with extensive support and stock at hand levels means that their repeat customer-base is extensive and loyal. Many owners and operators say that once you own an ASV, you’ll really struggle to go back to anything else. “A huge thank you to all the team at ASV Sales & Service…the sales team, admin staff and the workshop have been 100 percent supportive,” said one happy customer. “As a new start-up venture, without their support my business wouldn’t be half as successful as it is today. I can’t recommend more highly the professional service provided by both the sales and service teams.”

If you’re an owner or operator searching for a high-quality compact track loader that’s backed by a customer-focused national support network, contact ASV Sales & Service to find out more on 1300 837 391 or visit www.asvaus.com.


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