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ASV’s Range of Posi-Tracks Now Bigger and Better than Ever

ASV Posi-Track compact track loaders have been one of Australia’s favourite brands of CTL for more than twenty years. Since becoming an industry icon with its patented and unique undercarriage system two decades ago, ASV has continuously evolved to now offer 11 different models of Posi-Track Loaders to suit any requirement or operator.

Every model of ASV Posi-Track Loader delivers the same premium standards of comfort, control, power, reliability, serviceability, and warranty. Unique suspension technology in the undercarriage, along with spacious and ergonomic cabs, ensure long and hard days at work can be completed in the highest level of comfort. Couple this with the finest engines, hydraulic systems, counter-balancing configurations and overall performance delivered by the entire range of ASV Posi-Tracks, and the result is what is widely regarded as Australia’s finest line-up of compact track loaders.


ASV’s smallest model of CTL, the RT-25 offers massive power and performance for its size. Ideal for landscaping and tight-access works at only 1219mm wide, the RT-25 is fast becoming one of Australia’s favourite small track loaders.

The RT-25’s key specs are: 24.7hp Diesel Perkins engine, 1703kg operating weight, 302kg rated operating capacity (35% of tipping load), 3.1 psi ground pressure, 254mm ground clearance and 42.8 litres per minute of hydraulic flow.


Another favourite for landscapers and residential site operators, the RT-40 is compact in size yet full of power. Kilo-for-kilo the highest performing machine in the ASV Posi-Track range, the RT-40 includes a turbo engine for maximum output and an impressive 2.56 metre lift height. Best of all – all this performance is packed into a machine that’s only 1225mm wide.

The RT-40’s key specs are: 37.5hp Diesel engine, 1894kg operating weight, 422kg rated operating capacity (35% of tipping load), 3.5 psi ground pressure, 273mm ground clearance and 50.35 litres per minute of hydraulic flow.


Stepping up to the next size model, the RT-50 delivers a 907kg rated operating capacity while weighing just 2427kg, making it easy to tow on a trailer by a standard ute. Add to this the low 3.1 psi ground pressure, extra spacious cab with a deluxe seat and extensive head and leg room, and the powerful 49.6 HP turbocharged engine, and the outcome is a seriously impressive machine. Ideal for owners-operators and rental fleets alike.

The RT-50’s key specs are: 49.6hp Diesel engine, 2427kg operating weight, 635kg rated operating capacity (35% of tipping load), 3.1 psi ground pressure, 366mm ground clearance and 50.35 litres per minute of hydraulic flow.

RT-60 / RT-60 2-Speed

An old favourite for many in the industry, the RT-60 and its non-identical twin, the RT-60 2-Speed, remain excellent choices for operators who need an extra-versatile machine. Capable of smaller and larger jobs with equally-effective performance and efficiency, the RT-60 variants are genuine icons of the industry.

The RT-60’s key specs are: 60hp Diesel 4 cylinder engine, 2957kg operating weight, 725kg rated operating capacity (35% of tipping load), 3.7 psi ground pressure, 305mm ground clearance and 61.7 litres per minute of hydraulic flow.

The RT-60 2-Speed shares many of the above specs, but is a slightly wider machine at 1676mm (versus 1524mm) and offers faster 2-Speed travel.


One of the fresher faces in the ASV line-up, the RT-65 was born out of the industry’s need for a mid-sized machine that packs extra torque, enhanced hydraulic punch and greater fuel capacity compared to the RT-60. 3 variants of the RT-65 are available – open cab, all-weather MAX-Series cab, or premium MAX-Series cab with added hydraulic performance.

The RT-65’s key specs are: 67hp Diesel turbo engine, 3393kg operating weight, 873kg rated operating capacity (35% of tipping load), 4.2 psi ground pressure, 330mm ground clearance and either 84 litres per minute (standard model) or 103.7 litres per minute (premium model) of hydraulic flow.

VT-70 High Output

ASV’s only vertical lift Posi-Track Loader has received a notable upgrade in performance and comfort. Now including the MAX-Series cab offering 360 degree visibility, extra leg, head and shoulder room, enhanced controls and a 7 inch touchscreen, the VT-70 also offers high output hydraulic performance. This model is the ideal choice for tasks requiring high flow hydraulics and the extra dump height (3213mm) offered by the vertical lift.

The VT-70’s key specs are: 74.3hp Diesel turbo engine, 3465kg operating weight, 1061kg rated operating capacity (35% of tipping load), 4.5 psi ground pressure, 330mm ground clearance and 105.6 litres per minute of hydraulic flow.

RT-75 / RT-75 Heavy Duty

Another industry icon for many years, the robust RT-75 and its even tougher brother, the RT-75HD, have become widely-regarded as one of the best-performing compact track loaders in its class. Offering the industry’s highest ground clearance, lowest ground pressure, longest track life and best traction on all types of surfaces for CTLs sized in the 75hp range, ASV’s RT-75 is immensely impressive.

Add to these features its MAX-Series cab for next-gen comfort and control, a massive 300Nm of torque, premium high flow hydraulics and the optional Heavy Duty guarding for forestry and land clearing capability, and you have yourself a serious machine.

The RT-75’s key specs are: 74hp Diesel turbo engine, 4110kg operating weight, 1247kg rated operating capacity (35% of tipping load), 3.5 psi ground pressure, 366mm ground clearance and 135 litres per minute of hydraulic flow.

The RT-75 Heavy Duty shares many of the above premium specs, weighing slightly more at 4178kg with a 1270kg rated operating capacity and 3.6 psi ground pressure, and also including forestry guarding for added protection when mulching and clearing.

RT-120 / RT-120 Forestry

The big fellas. The largest CTLs on the market, the RT-120 and its Forestry variant are absolute industry icons around the world. When it comes to power, performance, comfort and serviceability the RT-120 has it all. With a 3.8L turbo engine packing 120 horsepower and 488Nm of torque, 1603kg ROC, 381mm ground clearance, 381mm ground clearance, 5-coupler hydraulics with simultaneous use of high and low flow, reversing camera…the list of premium features goes on and on. Long story short, if you want the biggest and the best, the only choice for you is the RT-120.

What’s more, if you’re working in forestry or land clearing, the RT-120 Forestry variant adds extra body protection and a heavy duty protective door for added safety. Flying debris is no match for the RT-120 Forestry, a favourite for Australian operators running any kind of mulching or slashing attachment.

The RT-120’s key specs are: 120hp Diesel 4 cylinder turbo engine, 5110kg operating weight, 1603kg rated operating capacity (35% of tipping load), 4.4 psi ground pressure, 381mm ground clearance and 170 litres per minute of hydraulic flow.

The RT-120 Forestry shares many of the above premium specs, weighing a greater 5559kg (due to its added guarding) with a 1699kg rated operating capacity and 4.3 psi ground pressure.


The full range of ASV Posi-Track Loaders is also backed by the industry-leading 2-year/2,000-hour bumper-to-bumper factory warranty – which even covers tracks for the entire period, and includes the industry’s first and only no-derailment guarantee.

Nationwide Dealer & Service Network

With more than 25 locations throughout Australia, including in all capital cities and major regional centres, the ASV Posi-Track network is stronger than ever and expertly-equipped to handle any sales, service or parts request. Minimising your downtime to maximise your return on investment after purchasing an Posi-Track Loader is the ultimate focus of the national ASV network, who are on-hand and local to support your every need.

To learn more about ASV Posi-Track Loaders and book an inspection at your nearest ASV dealer, visit www.asvaus.com.



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