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Attachment Of The Year

NOX Tiltrotator

As the exclusive Kinshofer distributor, Doherty is proud to represent the NOX Tiltrotator – one of the most advanced tools for excavators and an exceptionally universal tool. Available for 3t to 25t operating weight, the Nox Tiltrotator’s hydraulics are integrated into the solid cast housing providing easy installation – and with only two greasing points and less wear parts, it is extremely wear resistant. The NOX has 360° endless rotation with a tilt angle of 2 x 50° allowing for faster and safer completion of work. It requires minimal maintenance, and comes standard with Doherty’s safety-focused D-Lock coupler.



Norm Engineering 4in1 Loader Style Pro Series Bucket. Finalist for Attachment Of The Year in the Australian Earthmoving Awards.

Norm Engineering 4in1 Loader Style Pro Series Bucket

 Based on proven results for the Australian made Norm Engineering 4in1 Loader Style Bucket, the floor is extended, side heights increased, and adding a higher load guard increased capacity.

The Pro Series bucket has an option of 3 replaceable and reversable bolt on edges, and side cutters.  Three mesh windows allow excellent visibility, while the extended load guard prevents soil from falling back on the machine.

With safety a priority, steps have been placed on the back of the bucket to allow the operator to safely access and exit the cab.

A tilt option expands the capabilities of the bucket and provides the operator with endless opportunities.

Ranging from 1880-2150mm, the 4in1 Loader Style Pro Series Bucket has a dozer to clear and backfill, a blade to level, a bucket to lift and carry, and wide opening jaws with serrated edges to grip.



ShoulderMaster SM2100. Finalist for Attachment Of The Year in the Australian Earthmoving Awards.

Shouldermaster SM2100

100% Australian owned, ShoulderMaster designs and manufactures purpose-built road construction equipment that provides superior performance and safety features when compared to traditional road construction equipment and methods.

ShoulderMaster has expanded its R&D program to provide a fleet of purpose-built road building equipment currently operational across Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom and has also tailored its design/build culture to offer a specialised service for clients requiring unique machine solutions.

The ShoulderMaster SM2100 is a skidsteer / wheeled loader shoulder paving attachment that can increase the roads shoulder from 500mm out to 2.3m wide, laying either gravel or asphalt materials.

The screed has been designed to drop 150mm below and 100mm above existing pavements to allow materials to be placed in multiple layers with gradients up to 5%.



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