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Attachments Built for Australian Conditions

Actively involved in Australian earthmoving for over 12 years, Doherty Couplers & Attachments continue to provide intelligent manufacturing solutions for customers with their full range of precision earthmoving attachments.

Offering the full package from concept design and production through to delivery of finished product, Doherty’s philosophy is to create a long-term partnership with their customers. They do this by providing safe, strong, quality attachments in a unique way which puts together the best of their customer’s needs.

Better capacity and reduction in fuel consumption the Powerdig buckets are gaining huge interest throughout the industry.

“Doherty provides a service level second to none. With our technology, processes, and expertise in place, the company continues to grow its product line, production volumes, and client base,” says Managing Director, Jeremy Doherty.

“We’re focused on market growth and investment in cutting edge capabilities. With attachments built to suit the tough Australian conditions, we’re excited to offer customers new products that are truly competitive.”

100% compliant to AS4772-208 and EN474 standards, along with ISO13031 international standard and all major contractor policies, the D-Lock ensures safety is paramount.

On Doherty’s growth and direction, Group General Manager, Mark Walker explains “What has made Doherty such a successful business globally, is not necessarily what is going to keep us successful in the future.”

“We need to think and be different. That’s why we’re so committed to on-going innovation and finding better solutions – not only in our product, but also in our support, service, and our people,” highlights Mark.

Doherty releasing the NOX Tiltrotator – one of the most advanced tools for excavators –is testament to providing better solutions for their customers. Available for 3t to 25t operating weight, the NOX has 360° endless rotation with a tilt angle of 2 x 50° allowing for faster and safer completion of work.

The NOX Tiltrotator has a 360° continuous rotation and tilting angles of 2 x 50°, and comes standard with the Doherty D-Lock.

“The NOX is an exceptionally universal tool we’re releasing into the Australasian market,“ explains Mark. “The hydraulics are integrated into the solid cast housing providing easy installation – and with only two greasing points and less wear parts, it’s extremely wear resistant. It provides time savings and minimal maintenance, and comes standard with our safety-focused D-Lock coupler.”

Well-known for the D-Lock coupler and its safety features, Doherty’s D-Lock range is 100% compliant to Australian standard AS4772-208, European EN474 standard, ISO13031 international standard and all major contractor policies. With both the standard coupler and tilt couplers having a dual pin locking system, it ensures attachments remain securely engaged on both pins in the event of loss of engagement force.

For more information call 1800 057 021 or visit dohertydirect.net





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