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Auger Torque 65,000 MAX Earth Drill

Auger Torque – Earth Drill 65,000 MAX

Like all Auger Torque products the 65,000MAX is over engineered and built to last. Producing more than 66,000Nm of torque to tackle the largest of earth drilling tasks so if your excavator is between 21T – 45T then the Earth Drill 65,000MAX is likely the perfect choice for you.

Few would argue that Auger Torque make the finest, strongest and most efficient augers on the planet. Their famous bright blue augers are the primary attachments for many earthmovers and it’s no secret that we are huge fans.

The brand new 65,000MAX is the latest addition to an already large range offered by Auger Torque ensuring there is no compromise when deciding which auger is the right one for your application.

Using the proven Auger Torque planetary gearbox ensures durability and efficiency while being safe and reliable with NDS (Non-Dislodgement-Shaft) as standard.

The 65,000MAX is compatible with Auger Torques range of alignment and torque monitoring products for accurate earth drilling applications.

The high quality hydraulic motors, output shaft bearings are 50% larger than any other comparable drive and the use of only high grade materials mean that your Earth Drill will have a long, reliable service life.

The Non-Dislodgement Shaft is a single piece drive shaft assembled top down and locked into the Earth Drill housing. This is unique to Auger Torque and comes standard across the whole range of auger drives ensuring that the shaft will never fall out. This basically provides a safer work environment, not only for the operator but also any surrounding workers so really is a must have feature for any safety conscious company.

Torque is amplified by using the unique Auger Torque planetary gearbox. This system allows the motors output torque to be multiplied with extreme efficiency as well as ensuring the durability and reliability you need.

The fitment of a case drain, which is also standard for the 65,000MAX largely eliminates the need for expensive pressure relief valves and Auger Torque recommends direct plumbing this unit for optimal performance.

All Earth Drills are covered by Auger Torque’s industry leading warranty.

For more information call 13 22 12 or visit augertorque.com.au. 


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