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“Auger Torque releases Hammer Range for all your breaking needs”

Yes, you read that correctly and plenty of our regular readers will be cheering that Auger

Torque, the attachment specialist for earth drills, augers and trenchers have just announced

Yes, you read that correctly and plenty of our regular readers will be cheering that Auger Torque, the attachment specialist for earth drills, augers and trenchers have just announced that they are launching their very own Hammer Range in Australia this October.

We are extremely excited that the manufacturer renowned for their high-quality blue attachments have taken their expertise in the attachment market to bring the same reliability, performance, fast delivery and industry leading warranty into this market segment.

Initially Auger Torque will be releasing 8 models in their SB range, catering to machines from 500kg all the way up to 12T in operating weight with even more models on the horizon.

Being a gas-type breaker these units are able to tolerate high back pressure and are independent of oil temperatures. This means that the SB series of breakers has a very wide range of calibration when it comes to oil flow and will allow you to use your hammer on a bunch of different machines, making your fleet even more versatile.

Being an Auger Torque product, it goes without saying that they are made of high-grade steel and consist of a simple but ingenious design with only two moving parts. Like all high- end breakers the SB range is a cartridge design without tie rods and are extremely quiet allowing operators to work longer hours and complete contracts in shorter time frames as a result.

Nearly all parts are made in-house, including the comprehensive immersion-hardened range of chisels, which have you covered from reinforced concrete, layered rock, highly compacted rock to special tools for wood cutting, pile driving and even asphalt cutting.

What sets this range of hammers apart from other gas-type breakers is the use of a high grade “Freudenberg” three lip seal – giving you constant power output over a longer period of time, and up to 30% higher performance than oil type breakers. Not only does this special seal give you more performance but it also reduces the need for nitrogen refills to a minimum providing up to 300% higher gas tightness compared to standard seals. What this means to operators is simple, less downtime and less money spent on refills.

The hydraulic connections are completely encased in the body of the hammer, allowing you to confidently work in tight access situation common around suburban Australian cities, without having to worry about damaging your hydraulic hoses and the dust seal on the upper bushing of course comes as standard.

We are told that Auger Torque have had quite a few test units in operation in Europe for an extended period of time, before being comfortable to launch them in the Australian market, which arguably will provide some of the toughest conditions these hammers will face anywhere in the world. Auger Torque are so confident when it comes to their performance and reliability that they are offering an industry leading 2-year warranty throughout this range.

Honestly, we can’t believe at how well thought out this new range of breakers from Auger Torque is, with the only optional extras in the range being two different hydraulic greasing devices, one onboard the other breaker-mounted providing yet another feature that will reduce downtime and save you on maintenance costs in turn!

If you are keen to get your hands on one of these hammers, then give the guys at Auger Torque a call for special introductory pricing and your nearest dealer. Simply call them on 13 22 12 and quote the codeword “BREAKER” or visit their website at augertorque.com.au for more information.


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