Over the last decade, Australian Pump have been on a constant program of product development for high pressure cleaning equipment to suit the earthmoving and mining industry.  Their launch of the “Mine Boss” series of diesel engine drive machines to 5,000 psi proved a winner, not just in Australia but in the Middle East, Africa and south east Asian countries all the way through to Mongolia.

The new Extreme series, taking pressures and flows higher to provide more cleaning “whack” to key projects is another breakthrough for this dynamic and innovative Australian company.

“We found that a lot of the applications involving the cleaning of big plant needing a combination of pressure and flow to get the job done fast.  Time, or the reduction of cleaning time was the big issue”, said Lorenz.

They needed to be protected from the weather, built into heavy duty hot dipped galvanised steel frames and provided with serious high pressure cleaning accessories that would get the job done.

The company consulted with iron ore, copper and coal mines and well as major quarry companies to get an idea of best requirements.


‘Big Berty’ Bertolini pumps were chosen because of their heavy duty configuration and features. “Bertolini offered heavy duty 316 stainless steel heads on the pumps in the 500 bar range, big 1” suction ports, top quality ceramic pistons and valves that are designed specially to provide the highest efficiency for the prescribed flow and pressure requirements”, said Lorenz.

Bertolini pumps also offered a very unique sealing system that protects seals for longer than competitors.  Big ribbed crankcases with extra large oil capacity contribute to cool running with the ribs acting as cooling fins.

The whole pump system is driven through with a reduction belt drive for ease and convenience of adjustment where required the engine running at 2,400 rpms.  The pump runs at 1,450 rpm, providing long, trouble free life.

The Aussie Extreme is powered by Yanmar’s TNV series. These are water cooled engines that are found on mine sites all over the country providing power through generation or driving hydraulic pumps for a huge range of mining applications.

Aussie Pumps specified an integrated control panel that provides the machines with full engine protection including an hour meter, low oil and high water temperature.


Australian Pumps designed a skid configuration so it could be towed by an excavator or dozer if necessary.  They built in fork truck tine slots so that the machine can be lifted on and off trucks and, lift eyes to enable it to be slung as well where appropriate.

Incorporated in the design was a 60 litre stainless steel break tank with low water shutdown, accommodated in a convenient spot in the unique cube design.  The first prototypes were acclaimed by both mining contractors and big mining company corporations as well.   A 50 litre fuel tank was also incorporated in the design to allow extended dry running for 8 hours.

All machines now have an integrated flashing safety beacon, double insulated wiring, dual pole battery isolator and are supplied with a self contained fire extinguisher.

The pumps are fitted with ASP (Aussie Safety Protection Kit) that kit includes a safety valve, that will blow off in the event of an over pressure spike.  That protects the machine and the operator!  

A thermal dump valve is fitted to enable the machine to dump water in the event of extended running on bypass, thus protecting the pump from overheating or cavitation.  A fully adjustable unloader that enables the operator to check the pressure is also included.  

Time is money in cleaning mining equipment so accessories that get the job done fast are important.  Aussie Pumps have a great range of up to 500 bar turbos that can cut cleaning times by as much as half.  

Further information on the Mine Boss and particularly Aussie’s Extreme range, is freely available from Australian Pump Industries.  Call for your free mining  brochure.



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