The Allied Earthmovers Association is pleased to welcome Australian Pump Industries (Aussie Pumps) back into the ranks of their ranks. Made up of hundreds of earthmoving contractors operating in Greater Sydney, the Allied Earthmovers are a highly principled group of experienced contractors. They offer a wide range of skills and equipment and are known for their reliability, professionalism and ethics.

“The reason we re-joined after dropping out some years ago, was because we admire the good work these folk do. We know they do a lot for charity and we want to be a part of that in the future”, said Aussie Pumps General Manager, Warwick Lorenz.
Aussie Pumps has been working with the earthmoving industry since the company was founded 26 years ago. Operating now from their 2.5 acre factory warehouse facility in Castle Hill, Sydney, the company specialises in building tough products for the earthmoving, construction and mining markets.
They’re the only pump or pressure cleaner manufacturer in the country that shows due respect for the earthmoving industry. That’s because some of the key people involved, John Hales, Chief Engineer and Warwick Lorenz, come out of the old Tutt Bryant organisation. They remember the days when Tutt Bryant was the biggest earthmoving machinery company in the country, covering all States and eight branches in PNG. They had major plants at Hornsby and Rydalmere building earthmoving plant that would change the Australian landscape.
“We were boys back then, but were familiar with Bill Hickey, Ian McDoanld and a young Wally King, when he worked for what was then called the Department of Main Roads. Wally was the gentleman who later went onto Leighton Contractors that was in those days, the driving force behind Sydney’s early expressways”, said John Hales.

The company now runs it’s own exclusive Aussie Pumps ‘Earthmovers Club’ , giving preferential treatment to earthmovers across the country. Their focus is real challenges for earthmovers, for example, flooded construction sites that need to be dewatered or their current preoccupation, Australian built cold water pressure cleaners, hot steam cleaners and other gear that keeps plant clean, presentable and easy to service.
The company’s earthmover package is a ripper with terrific machines available with pressures as high as 7,300 psi!

“The most common product we sell to the Earthmovers Club is like the ones we supply to Coates and Kennards Hire. They chose our product after a massive investment in checking quality, performance and durability. It’s out of those experiences that we produce the super tough machines in both petrol and diesel drive configurations that have helped us grow dramatically in the last years.” said Hales
The company builds a whole range of what they call “Mine Boss” machines that were developed originally for tough earthmoving jobs but now play a major part in mining operations around the world.
Aussie Pumps believes in research and gets most of it’s inspiration for designs from investigating what actually goes on in the field! They also produce a wide range of beautifully documented brochures on everything from “Pumpology” to “Triplex Pump Technology” (understanding pressure cleaners, their maintenance, service and troubleshooting).
“We love the earthmoving business! Civilisation wouldn’t be where it is today without the ability to move mountains”, said Hales. “Our job is to help people who do that”, he said.

Further information on Aussie’s range is available directly from Australian Pump Industries aussiepumps.com.au or through the Allied Earthmovers Association (Golden Bucket).


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