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Australian Earthmoving Awards Hall Of Fame

Norm Pesch

Norm Pesch is a gentleman in the industry and a leader in manufacturing in Australia.
Norm started his career in the RAAF looking after the engineering support section for the black hawk helicopter nine squadron. It was during this time that Norm decided to join his wife, Sylvia, and his in-laws, Wally & Rosa, in the family business of earthmoving attachments.
Guided by Wally, the founder of Norm Engineering, Norm started at the bottom and worked his way up. Norm began in the factory on the 4in1 production line, he learnt everything there was to know about building 4in1 buckets, including how to change and modify designs to cope with the harsh Australian Environment. After five years on the factory floor Norm was in a position to start running the workshop and he took on the role of manufacturing supervisor.
In 1999 Wally and Rosa decided to move away from the business leaving Norm and Sylvia at the helm.

With 4 in1 buckets becoming a leader in the earthmoving industry, it was time to expand the range. Through the Norm reputation for quality products Norm Engineering now boasts of a range of more than 60 different attachments.
Norm continues to push manufacturing in Australia, creating jobs in the local community. Through Norms strong work ethic and his approachable manner, Norm has earned the respect of his entire workforce and colleagues. A great culture has been developed, and everyone in the team feels part of the large Norm Engineering family.

With the expansion of the range, Norm opened a branch in Carrum Downs, Melbourne. It soon became very clear that Norm Engineering was outgrowing the manufacturing plant in Brisbane, forcing Norm to push ahead and purchase the premises next door to increase production!
Over the past few decades, Norm has guided the business and the production lines, through major changes. From the good old days when skid steers were 34 horsepower to current 110 horsepower machines.

Norm’s leadership has maintained the company’s exceptional reputation, through working closely with his workforce, to providing quality earthmoving attachments at an affordable price, with outstanding sales and service.
Norm is now mentoring his son John, to become the next leader of Norm Engineering. John is honoured to have the knowledge and wisdom passed down from his Dad, through these teaching’s he feels confident that Norm Engineering will remain a leading manufacturer of earthmoving attachments.

Norm and John Pesch

As a true leader Norm was able to guide the business to be the successful company that it is today.
In more recent years Norm partnered with Satch Santilli, Steve Zivkovich and Chris Wilcox, to create the most successful earthmoving, construction, and machinery expo in Australia. With over 200 exhibitors the expo has created an environment where dealers and customers come together, deals are made, and 3 days of networking is welcomed by all. In just 4 years the expo has become extremely popular with over 150,000 visitors through the gates. The Diesel Dirt and Turf Expo has certainly given a boost to the Earthmoving industry.

Norms success is not limited to the earthmoving industry alone. Norm and Sylvia began Miraa House in 2008, Miraa House is a not for profit, learning life skills centre for women with an intellectual disability. Miraa is an acronym for Making Independence Real and Achievable. Miraa House’s unique women’s only program has a maximum of 8 clients a day. This program continues to give women with an intellectual disability opportunities to reach their goals in a caring environment, a place where they can build on their existing skills and learn new skills. Norm continues to support Sylvia, as she takes the next step and strives towards opening a Miraa House Respite Centre. The difference that they have made in the lives of these women, and the opportunities that they have made available to them, is truly remarkable.
When it comes to relaxing, Norm enjoys setting off on his motorcycle or spending time with his family.

Norm truly is a legend worthy of recognition.



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