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Be Fire Season Smart

The 2019-20 bushfires that ran rampant throughout Australia will never be forgotten in our country’s history. The lasting impact and devastation are a harsh reminder of the conditions we are up against as temperatures rise. It would be fair to say that this year, fire safety and preventative measures are thrust to the forefront of our minds while Spring emerges.

Himac Attachments have the tools needed to help prevent the accelerated spread of bushfires. Their range of vegetation control attachments are both extremely efficient, precision-made and almost entirely built right here in Australia.

Whether you own / operate a Mini Loader, Skid Steer, Telehandler, Wheel Loader, Excavator or Ag Loader; Himac have vegetation control solutions for you.

This specialised range of attachments include:

• Heavy Duty Slashers
• Extreme Duty Slashers
• Mulching Slashers
• Extreme Duty Brushcutters
• Brush Grapples
• Claw Grapples
• Push Rakes
• Lift Rakes
• Rake Grapples
• Extreme Duty Power Grapples
• Stump Removal Tools
• Tree Pullers
• Rippers

Himac are so confident in the build quality and longevity of their attachments, that they are each backed by a warranty that’s DOUBLE the industry standard (24 months).

“I am very impressed with my Himac Slasher – it can certainly handle harsh conditions. Since I purchased it in August (2011), I have easily done 100 hours per month! From fire trails with dense regrowth up to 75 mm, to very heavy grass conditions on road side work – the Slasher can do anything! I would happily recommend it to anyone.”


Act early so you can be prepared for fire season – you can’t put a price on the protection of your family, home and environment.

For more info call Himac on 1800 888 114 at get a Quick Quote at himac.com.au



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