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Bite Down with C-Rex Teeth

Tutt Bryant Equipment and Combi Wear Parts have grown in partnership over the last 2 years. The Combi Wear Parts Teeth range offered by Tutt Bryant are unique in their own way, customized to fulfil your needs on durability and productivity. We understand what matters in your environment and know how the right design and functions saves both time and money.

C-REX is a high performing system solution that delivers significantly lower operating costs. To achieve this, we have maximized the length of the teeth, proportion of wear material and reinforced the adapters.

C-REX is made from quality Swedish steel and is available for excavators and wheel loaders between 10-55 ton working at construction sites or in quarries. No matter what machine or application you operate in, you can rely on an endurable user-friendly wear part system with extended lifetime. Thanks to a unique mechanical lock, changing teeth will always be safe and quick.

C-REX was designed with the focus on user friendliness, overall economy functional reliability and producing a system that is climate smart. The adapters have also been reinforced to save costs for maintenance. Overall this means significantly lower operating costs for users.

All production of C-REX takes place in Sweden, which means consistent high quality and a reduced environmental impact. The design might seem simple, but it takes years of experience to develop and produce a great product.

For more information on Combi C-Rex or any of our other Combi Wear Parts, visit our website: www.tuttbryantequipment.com.auor call 1300 658 888 to speak to a professional 


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