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Boss Extractor telescopic clamshell

Basement dig outs are a specialised field, calling for specific equipment. Often access is tight, pre-existing structures encroach on the work area and traditionally progress has been slow by way of a crane and kibble. This requires a crane operator and a dogman in order to operate within the confines of the law.

There is a new solution on the market that will reduce costs, cut project times and improve safety. Boss Attachments have brought a range of telescopic extractor clamshell arms to market, that retrofit to a conventional excavator in place of the standard dipper arm. Host machines can range from 14 ton through to 110 ton with proportionate dig depths ranging from 20 metres to 50 metres boasting production figures of up to 100 cubic metres per hour.

The system includes an in cab display that features an in built camera monitor to show the operator a birds eye view of the implement when out of sight. The monitor also features a service scheduling alert function as well as displaying other critical parameters for operator convenience, safety and productivity. The system integrates with the host machine hydraulics and automatically stops any operator input that may place the implement in an unstable position.

On larger equipment, some additional modifications are on offer. These include a sliding cabin capable of hydraulically moving forward of the existing car body, enabling line of sight vision through a floor mounted window. With the heavier mass of the telescoping arm on the larger host machines, an additional underslung counter weight is available to improve stability.

The Boss range of Extractor telescopic clamshells are capable of quickly loading straight into a truck for export off site, far quicker than the old methodology.

For more information visit boss attachments.com.au





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