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C R Kennedy have been providing swing boom excavator solutions for over 4 years now and have machines installed on excavators across the country. Since developing this style of installation our customers have been extremely pleased with the accurate results they are seeing from swing boom machines running both 2D and 3D systems. These results are achieved through the strategic positioning of the GPS antennas and mast configuration that compensates for all types of machine movement.

Using the Leica iCON iXE 3D excavator system along with clever system hardware installation allows full machine movement using swing boom alone, full machine rotation or a combination of both boom swing and machine rotation. The iXE systems high precision accuracy on a swing boom machine is no different from a conventional non-swing boom excavator. This solution has no limitations with solutions available for any size machine from any manufacturer. It can also be used with tilt hitches, tilt buckets and tilt rotators.

photo: trentperrett.com

Contact them today and a machine control representative will happily discuss how the system can work on your machine and improve performance and profitability for your business. C R Kennedy has offices nationwide providing extensive service and support for Leica iCON Machine Control and all your Leica survey needs.

For more information visit survey.crkennedy.com.au Or call 03 9823 1533.


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