As Caterpillar continues to release new products into the Australian marketplace, great gains have been made in fuel efficiency and advances in product technology. What makes Cat® machines stand out from the crowd, is not just the immediate impact these innovations have on your bottom line in terms of reduced operating costs, but at Cat, they stand behind the claims they are making in terms of fuel efficiency.  They call this the Cat Fuel Edge Program.

The Cat Fuel Edge Program entitles customers who purchase a qualifying Cat machine with Cat Product Link enabled to a parts credit if their new machine consumes more fuel per hour on average than the committed Fuel Consumption Threshold for the duration of the program.

Eligible Cat machines will have their fuel consumption monitored by Cat dealers, and a report and letter will be sent quarterly to show how the average fuel consumption in litres per hour compares to the threshold given at delivery. If the machine has consumed more, a parts credit will apply at the agreed value per litre over the threshold, it’s that simple.  Fuel consumption can be viewed on the machine in some cases, or on a smart phone or computer with the My.cat.com and Visionlink websites.

As an example, Cat Next Gen Excavators offer up to 25% reduced fuel consumption when compared against previous models. This is not a bold claim, it is a promise and statement Caterpillar is standing by, which is why the Cat Fuel Edge program exists.

Caterpillar has identified the Fuel Consumption Threshold as the rate of fuel consumption (expressed as litres per hour) considered to be representative of the expected fuel burn or consumption rate (in typical Australian operating conditions) for that model of a qualifying machine.

Often times, fuel is the number one operating cost. The productivity and efficiency of Caterpillar’s new models are critical to finishing jobsites on time and with proper margins. Give your business and edge with the Cat Fuel Edge Program.

Contact Cat dealers now for more information or visit www.cat.com/fuel-edge-au

NSW/ACT WesTrac 1300 881 064

VIC/TAS William Adams 1300 923 267

 Western Australia WesTrac 1300 881 064

QLD/NT Hastings Deering 131 228

South Australia Cavpower 08 8343 1600

NZ TERRA 0800 93 39 39


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