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Construction Community Digs Deep for Mental Health Awareness

The South Australian construction sector is rallying together to raise awareness for mental health challenges in the civil construction industry.

South Australia’s first excavator dedicated to raising money for research into mental health has officially made its debut appearance at a McMahon Services site today.

The debut event, hosted by RAM Equipment, showcased the “Black Dog Excavator”; a commanding Kobelco SK135SR-7 machine specially painted black and branded with the logo of the Black Dog Institute. The initiative has been established with the goal of raising

$50,000 by June 2023 to support research, and treatment, and to raise awareness and support for mental health in the construction and industry at large.

“With the generous contributions of our network in the construction sector, prior to this event we are excited to have already raised over 95% toward our $50,000 target”, said Kevin Grace, MD of RAM Equipment. “We recognise the importance of mental health in construction and are committed to creating a greater awareness about the importance of safe and supportive environments for all who work in our industry, so every donation, no matter the size, will make a difference.

Representing Black Dog Institute the event was Tasman Cassim, Head of Partnerships who gave a presentation to approximately one hundred construction workers involved in the construction of this project. The presentation focused on mental health in construction, and the challenges construction workers face. Cassim provided insights into the importance of addressing mental health in the workplace, and practical tools and resources for promoting mental wellness, and seeking support. This presentation was an opportunity for attendees to learn more about mental health in construction and gain valuable insights from a leading expert in the field.

Hon Tom Koutsantonis MP, Member for West Torrens says, “The South Australian government is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for its employees and contractors.

The Black Dog Excavator campaign is a wonderful initiative to raise awareness of the importance of mental health in the workplace, and in particular, the mental health challenges faced by those in the construction industry. I congratulate the Fleurieu Connections Alliance, RAM Equipment and the Black Dog Institute on working together to improve the health and wellbeing of those people working hard to deliver infrastructure projects for all South Australians.”

RAM Equipment is inviting members of the construction industry, local businesses, and mental health advocates to show their support by donating to this worthy cause. “Construction workers face unique mental health challenges, and we need to address them as a community”, says Grace. “Together, we can make a difference and create a culture of mental wellness in the construction industry.”

To donate to the Black Dog Excavator fundraising efforts for the Black Dog Institute, visit the fundraising page here.

For more information about the fundraiser and mental health in construction, please contact RAM Equipment or visit their website.


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