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Moody Kiddell & Partners

Moody Kiddell treat each of their clients as partners. That means understanding their business as well as they do, and providing the tailored service and support they need to achieve their vision and safeguard its legacy. They have been involved with the earthmoving industry for forty years, so know the opportunities and challenges that arise for businesses. It’s this deep knowledge and experience that allows them to focus upon the long-term success of their clients, fostering relationships that have lasted decades and tailoring their solutions to ensure their customers businesses achieve sustained growth. With MKP Finances nationwide infrastructure, they pride themselves on always being there for their clients. Whether it’s at the end of the phone or on-site in person, their goal is to secure the best future for their business. For Moody Kiddell, that’s what it means to be partners with you.


Plant Assessor. Finalist for the Consultancy Of The Year in the Australian Earthmoving Awards.

Plant Assessor

Plant Assessor is the world’s largest plant & equipment safety & information sharing platform.

It’s used by more than 1,000 organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand to help capture and share machinery information and ensure equipment is safe for use and accompanied by the right safety information.

The industry leading, cloud-based platform contains details of over 100,000+ makes and models of plant & equipment and has been trusted by the biggest names in plant & equipment to help them manage safety compliance on machinery since 2004.

Plant Assessor’s smart machinery risk assessment software is the core of the solution suite. This technology virtually eliminates the common errors associated with the conduct of machinery risk assessments whilst dramatically improving productivity, thoroughness and assessment speed.


Plant Assessor. Finalist for the Consultancy Of The Year in the Australian Earthmoving Awards. Left to right, Harrison Rietman (Graduate Engineer) Brent de Gier (Group Engineering Manager) Thomas Hovey (Lead Engineer) Tracey Baum (Engineering Administrator)

PRM Engineering Services

PRM Engineering Services are passionate about safety and with a long-standing heritage of control and safety system design and installation since 2002, PRM Engineering Services benefits from a total understanding of the earthmoving industry and the interfacing of systems for the OEM. PRM Engineering Services have been consulted by and partner with Government and Tier one Industry Leaders, to find solutions to ever-evolving machinery and people-interfacing capabilities

Their expertise in terms of programming, development and integration allow them to realise your most complex projects by starting from your concept and basic requirements through to the installation and commissioning of bespoke systems. Together with our fleet of dedicated service vehicles and engineers experienced in hydraulic system maintenance, electrical installations, modifications, and repair, we can design, integrate, and install any solution to achieve the best possible outcome for your business.

With PRM Engineering Services control systems design and experience in earthmoving, construction, rail, waste, oil and gas, and infrastructure sectors and the combined 25 year experience of the PRM Solutions Group in hydraulic installation and quality attachments and screening buckets they know what is required to develop a system that will suit earthmoving and heavy machinery.



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