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Cutting grass, not corners with Norm Engineering

With spring well and truly upon us it’s time to invest in a good slasher and there is none better than the Norm Engineering Grass Master Slasher range. Norm Engineering manufacturers slashers for skids steers and excavators and has recently included a dual mount option to the range, this allows you to fit your slasher to either your skid steer or excavator.

The Grass Master range includes 4ft, 5ft & 6ft cut single blade systems, right up to the mighty 7ft dual blade high flow option ensuring there is definitely a high-quality slasher ready to go for your machine.

All slashers are driven by a hydraulic motor through a clutch to the gearbox.  The clutch offers the hydraulic motor protection from impact damage and prevents motor cavitation.

All Norm slashers are fitted with a floating mount frame to allow for contours on uneven ground and a heavy-duty re-enforced deck for extra protection.

General Manager of Norm Engineering ‘John Pesch’ says that just like all of their attachments they have invested countless hours developing a range of slashers with exceptional build quality that delivers optimum productivity and performance for their customers.

These are serious work tools and safety is paramount so all Norm slashers feature adjustable and replaceable heavy-duty side skids with double link chain protection on both front and back reducing debris from flying up when working.

The Norm Engineering 7ft slasher is sold standard with two Jockey wheels fitted; a single jockey wheel option is available on the smaller 5ft and 6ft models if required.

With maximum cutting torque and tip speed best suited for overgrown areas and Lantana your business will be slashing to success in no time!

We absolutely love everything about these slashers and if you’re looking to increase the versatility of your skid steer or excavator, or upgrade your current slasher be sure to check out the Norm Engineering Grass Master Slashers today.

For more information visit normeng.com.au or call Norm Engineering directly on 07 3376 3177.






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