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Engcon’s automatic quick coupler system streamlines everyday use of the excavator

EC-Oil, Engcon’s automatic quick coupler system, when combined with a tiltrotator and hydraulic tools make a huge difference to excavator productivity. Increasing profitability, efficiency and safety for the excavator industry. The benefits are so major that Engcon has decided to make the EC-Oil system available to as many operators as possible by offering it at no extra charge.

Using automatic quick coupler systems to attach hydraulic tools to excavators has become commonplace. Without leaving the cab the operator can connect automatically their tools, hydraulics and the electric and central lubrication. After coupling the tiltrotator, the operator connects hydraulic tools directly or underneath it.The excavators everyday use can be enhanced using the automatic quick coupler system in combination with the tiltrotator and hydraulic tools. The combination brings contractors more flexibility, improved efficiency and increases safety.

Engcon recommends that contractors operate products that are designed to work optimally together. In order to increase the number of excavators that participate in smart digging, Engcon has decided to offer its automatic quick coupler system with EC-Oil at no extra charge when ordering a combination of tiltrotator, the quick coupler Q-Safe and Engcon’s DC2 control system.

“Of course, we want to increase the safety, profitability and efficiency for the world’s excavators, which is why we have chosen to make our automatic quick coupler system, EC-Oil completely free of charge. In short: we want to offer all excavation engineers modern technology that makes their everyday lives easier, enable them to complete more jobs in less time and also make more money, says Stig Engström, owner and founder of Engcon, and continues:

“We do not want the cost of investing in EC-Oil to be an obstacle for our end customers, which is why we made this somewhat unique decision to offer our automatic quick coupler system as standard equipment at no extra charge. Of course, given that the customer buys Engcon’s system – choosing Engcon should pay off!”

With an automatic quick coupler system, the operator remains in the cab and can automatically attach his tiltrotator or other hydraulic tools to the machine hitch.


Safe and time-saving for the excavator

Engcon’s automatic quick coupler system is time-saving and safe, as the driver does not have to jump in and out of the cab to mess with manual, pressurized and often dirty hydraulic couplings.

”Depending on the type of work performed, the time savings can be up to one hour per day. A traditional replacement can take up to 3-4 minutes, while connecting a hydraulic tool with EC-Oil only takes ten seconds. This simplifies the excavator’s work and makes the excavator business even more profitable,” concludes Stig Engström.

EC-Oil a free option applies worldwide


Engcon’s unique decision to make EC-Oil a free option applies worldwide. In addition to EC-Oil being included as a free standard on Engcon’s quick hitches and on the top of the tiltrotators with the Q-Safe mounting type, EC-Oil is also always included as standard equipment free of charge on all Engcon’s hydraulic tools such as grips, ground vibrators, fork racks and sweeper rollers with S45-S80. In cases where customers choose to buy a hydraulic tool in the same shop as hitch and tiltrotator, EC-Oil is also included in the tiltrotator’s lower hitch free of charge.


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