Home Machinery Euro Auctions, Brisbane, supplying buyers with great low hour machines

Euro Auctions, Brisbane, supplying buyers with great low hour machines

Euro Auctions, Brisbane – the next sale is still supplying buyers with access to good unused, late, low hours machine

Euro Auctions, Brisbane is already amassing an excellent catalogue of unregistered construction and earthmoving machinery for the next unreserved auction on 30th June. which should please buyers.

Now in full swing, the Brisbane unreserved auction programme focusses on sale #3 of the 2022 season on 30th June where Euro Auctions will again put over the ramp a good compliment of unused machines.

With machinery from OEMs still unable to meet demand and supply in reasonable time frames, the demand for good used equipment, and new, unused machinery is as high as ever.

At every sale in Brisbane, Euro Auctions sales managers know how to find good, low hours or unused machines. The sale on the 30 June is no exception, and a catalogue of unused excavators and loaders will please the bidders.

Some of the excellent machines on offer include:


Unused Mahindra 8560 4WD Turbo Tractor 80HP                various machines available


Unused 2022 John Deere E330LC 600mm Pads

Unused 2022 Doosan DX140LC 700mm Pads

Unused 2022 CAT 305.5 Rubber Block Pads

Unused 2022 XCMG XE55DA 400mm Pads                            various machines available

Unused 2022 CAT 303.5ECR Rubber Block Pads

Unused 2021 Doosan DX340LC 600mm Pads


Unused 2021 Kobelco SK200-10 600mm Pads

Unused 2021 Volvo EC55DAG 380mm Pads                          various machines available

Unused 2021 XCMG XE55DA 400mm Pads

2013 Komatsu PC138US-8

Dozers / Motor Graders

Unused 2021 CAT D6T Dozer

Unused 2021 CAT D8T Dozer

2018 CAT D5R2 XL Dozer

2015 CAT 12M3 Motor Grader

2011 CAT 140m2 Moto Grader

Telescopic Handlers

Unused Manitou MT1440 EASY Turbo Telehandler

Unused Manitou MT733 Turbo Telehandler


2021 CAT 972L Wheeled Loader

2018 Komatsu WA380-8 Wheeled Loader

2012 Komatsu WA500-6 Wheeled Loader

2007 Komatsu WA430-6 Wheeled Loader

Craig Hart, the Euro Auctions Territory Manager for Australia enthuses about the forthcoming sale, “Euro Auctions has a very strong sales manager network not just across Australia, but globally, and as a result we are able to find good machinery and equipment for all of our sales. We are still finding good kit for all the Brisbane sales, with this one being no exception. We are also able to consign more lots to this sale as we are operating as a live, online auction, and if you have equipment to sell then we can help you. For the upcoming Brisbane auction on the 30th June the catalogue includes multiple unused loaders, and excavators, with a really good compliment of CAT and Komatsu machines, and if you have machines to consign to this sale, then call the Brisbane site number and we will help you to consign.”

Post-Sale Results – Brisbane, 28th April 2022

” src=”blob:https://australianearthmoving.com.au/88e4af79-603f-41a7-a539-eeaba691f49e” alt=”A picture containing outdoor, truck, road, yellow Description generated with very high confidence” align=”right” hspace=”12″ v:shapes=”Picture_x0020_4″ class=”Apple-web-attachment Singleton” style=”width: 3.9416in; height: 2in; opacity: 1;”>Craig Hart, Euro Auctions Territory Manager, comments, “The trend we have been seeing at all Euro Auctions sales, is for the home audiences to bid harder and stronger at their own sales, continued with the February sale. We saw a hammer of $5.7 million, which was 20% up on the same sale in April 2021 with 100% of all machinery and equipment went to buyers in Australia (predominantly on the east coast) and New Zealand. With an average ‘price per lot’ being $32.5k at this sale, as opposed to an average of $9.69k per lot in the sale in April 2021, it is evident that Euro Auctions are bringing bigger pieces of equipment to auction.”

Notable prices at the last Euro Auctions sale on 28th April 2022


2021 CAT D8T Dozer, SU Blade & Tilt, Single Shank Ripper, A/C                               775,000

2021 CAT D6T XL 2021, Unused Dozer, SU Blade & Tilt, Multi Shank Ripper, A/C            435,000

2021 CAT D5 2021 Unused Dozer (Next Generation)                                                400,000

Wheeled Loaders

2015 Komatsu WA470-7 Wheeled Loader (Hour Meter Shows 10,007)                   152,500

2021 CAT 950GC Unused 2021, Wheeled Loader                                                      240,000

2021 Komatsu WA380Z-6 Wheeled Loader                                                               180,000

20T Excavators

2021 Doosan DX480LC 600mm Pads                                                                         350,000

2021 CAT 320GC 2021 Unused 600mm Pads                                                            172,500

10T Excavators

2013 Komatsu PC138US-8 Rubber Pads (Hour Meter Show 3,328)                          80,000

Mini Excavators

2022 CAT 305.5E2 Unused Year 2022                                                                        71,000

2021 CAT 303.5ECR Unused 2021, Rubber Block Pads                                              52,500

2021 XCMG XE35U Rubber Block Pads                                                                      40,000


2014 JLG 4017PS Telehandler (Hour Meter Shows 3,202)                                         48,000

2012 Manitou MHT-X780 Telehandler (Hour Meter Shows 4,031)                           46,000

For more information on the upcoming Brisbane sale on 30th June, or to consign equipment, please contact:

Craig Hart – Territory Manager

T: 0614179273 37

E: [email protected]


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