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Eurocomach ES18ZT 1.8T Mini Excavator: Premium performance and comfort in a compact and robust machine.

With true zero tail swing operation, all-day comfort, superior build quality and extremely capability, you’re sure to be impressed by Eurocomach’s versatile and user-friendly ES18ZT 1.8 tonne Eurocomach Mini Excavator. 

As soon as you step into the cab and start operating, you instantly feel the class-leading hydraulic performance of the ES18ZT. Intelligent load sensing pumps ensure excellent cycle times, whilst 1070 kgf of breakout force delivers unrivalled digging performance. In addition, closed centre hydraulic systems with unique prioritisation and flow sharing designs allow simultaneous operation of all hydraulic functions, with no perceivable loss of performance.

A second standout feature of the Eurocomach range, including the ES18ZT, is the true zero tail swing design. This ensures greater safety and productivity in confined spaces, removing the risk of accidental damage to the surrounding environment often caused by other conventional or limited swing designs. And yet, despite their zero tail swing design, every Eurocomach mini excavator boasts impressive stability, even over the side; another key design feature of these Italian engineered machines.  

Superior operator comfort is yet another outstanding feature across the Eurocomach range. Eurocomach machines are built with ergonomically-designed and impressively-spacious cabins that provide comfortable, work-all-day environments suitable for any sized operator. You’ll be amazed at how the ES18ZT offers such comfort and spacious operation in a zero tail swing cabin.

Cabins are also very quiet, thanks to excellent sound insulation aided by high quality solid steel body panels, which provide additional comfort to the sealed and pressurised operator station. In addition, the cabin is mounted on vibration dampening viscous fluid mounts, providing effective isolation and additional comfort.

Joysticks controls are ergonomic and feature servo assisted fingertip proportional control of all hydraulic functions, including auxiliary flow and boom swing. What’s more, every operational control you need is right at your fingertips, including an AM/FM stereo and the all-important joysticks, which are positioned to minimise fatigue and maximise comfort throughout long hours on the job. 

Furthermore, with a 15 horsepower Yanmar motor, the ES18ZT produces an impressive 36L/min of hydraulic flow. With more than 2300mm of digging depth and 3900mm arm reach, plus the safety benefit of its zero tail swing design, this is a perfect option for many small-to-medium jobs.

In summary – for the ultimate in compact performance, comfort and operability in a mini excavator, the Eurocomach ES18ZT is well and truly your best option. 

For more information and unmissable machine and trailer combination packages, visit www.eurocomach.com.auor call 1800 387 669.


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