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Excavator Mounted Vibrators

For anyone who’s ever installed sheet piles or any kind of sheets for that matter you know just how difficult it can be when the ground conditions just aren’t allowing the sheets to go in as easy as they should.

When trying to install sheet piles into difficult ground a lot can go wrong, bending sheet piles during install or removal can lead to huge damage costs from the sheet pile supplier, not to mention potential damage to the much more expensive machine being used for the install. Not only do you risk significant repair costs if the install goes wrong but the time it takes to install sheets, especially on larger excavations, can blow out significantly when the install isn’t going smoothly and this can put massive pressure on labour costs and ultimately job profitability.

That’s why were absolutely thrilled to talk about this edition’s What’s Hot feature product! The range of Excavator Mounted Vibrators (EMV) on offer across Shore Hire’s branch network are a real game changer for the industry. These amazing excavator attachments clip right onto your machine and significantly aid in the install of sheet piles, H beams, casings, piles and more by hydraulically vibrating the equipment into place.

Shore Hire currently carry 3 sizes of the EMV, the 300, 450 and 550, and some of the key benefits of the system are:

  • its small size for maximum workability in tight spaces
  • its low noise pollution during use which is a customer favourite on metro sites
  • its minimal controlled vibrating pattern which leads to a very diminished effect on the surrounding environment
  • Its super easy and quick setup time by just simply matching your machine to the right quick hitch attachment
  • Compatible with Shore Hire’s range of sheet piles, safety accessories and their purpose built swan neck attachment which allows for much greater reach during use

If you want to learn more about how Shore Hire’s EMVs can save you time and money on site then head to their website on www.shorehire.com.au or speak to your nearest branch by calling 1300 SHOREHIRE


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