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Expand your excavators potential with Rototilt

If you’re looking to expand the work that your excavator can do, then the absolute top of your list of new equipment for this year absolutely has to be a tilt rotator.

Tiltrotators are common throughout European markets and are fast gaining traction in Australia with operators benefitting from the increased gains in versatility and efficiency from their excavator.  

The Rototilt Tiltrotator is certainly the standout as it offers an impressive control system allowing the operator full control of the 40°tilting angle and 360°rotation feature saving time and vastly improving accuracy. 

The Rototilt Tiltrotator is a modular system, allowing you to customize your tiltrotator to suit your individual needs and working environment and is suited to any excavator from 1.4 tonnes right up to a 40 tonne machine. 

Rototilt products are tried, tested and proven over many years throughout the world and were the first to be introduced to the market in 1986. Since then they have continued to benefit from an extensive amount of research and development which has resulted in the premium products currently offered today.

The manufacturing plant in Sweden is a state-of-the-art facility that continues to expand to keep up with demand for Rototilt products and ensure their backup support is flawless. Ongoing support is integral to the Rototilt business and subsequently Norm Engineering are the chosen Australian Distributor due to the already strong network and reliability that Norm Engineering is so renowned for.

Norm Engineering has all the required knowledge and skills to service, install and support the Rototilt Tiltrotators following intense training in Sweden at the Rototilt headquarters.

Norm Engineering have been supplying and servicing Rototilt Tiltrotators to the Australian market for over a year now and have a strong understanding of the applications and benefits of tiltrotors here so if expanding the range of jobs your excavator can offer is beneficial to you then you better give the team at Norm Engineering a call.

For more information call Norm Engineering on 07 3376 3177 or visit normeng.com.au


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