For construction site dewatering, self-priming trash pumps are cost effective, reliable and easy to set up. Aussie Pumps heavy duty 6” trash pump, powered by a Kubota 18.5 kW water cooled diesel engine, handles solids contaminated water and delivers flows to 4,200 litres per minute.

Reaching maximum heads of 35 metres, the QP-60TD will draught water through a vertical suction lift of seven metres.  The impeller is a heavy duty non clog style, manufactured from high SG cast iron.  The hydraulic design of impeller and volute is superbly balanced to obtain the best result in flow, pressure and co-efficiencies.

The pump body is cast iron and a ductile hardened wear plate is provided as standard equipment.  The pump’s 6” suction and discharge ports are flanged bolt on style.

Ideal for fast filling water carts and site dewatering, Aussie’s Kubota powered 6” trash pump comes skid mounted with integrated long range fuel tank.

The easy cleanout port means that if the pumps internals become clogged, it is simple to clean out without the need to disconnect the pipework. The pump’s body can be opened simply by releasing four toggle style hinged levers giving access to impeller and volute for cleaning and service.

Sealing is achieved by an oil bath mechanical seal running in turbine oil (viscosity ISO 32).  The mechanical seal is tungsten carbide to provide long, trouble free operation, even in trash laden or muddy liquid applications.

The engine selected by Australian Pump for the drive is a Kubota four cycle, three cylinder diesel engine, model D1105.  It comes with a 60 litre fuel tank that provides 10 hours of run time.

The standard unit is mounted on a sturdy skid steel base, fitted with an integrated centre mounted lifting bar, that enables easy cranage on and off trailers or utes.

Aussie’s compact design, in spite of its high performance characteristics, weighs in at 790 kilos. It can be mounted in a trailer or transported by a utility vehicle if necessary. Like all Aussie QP pumps, the QP-60TD is covered with a five year warranty.

Further information on the new 6” trash pump is available from Australian Pump Industries or authorised distributors throughout Australia.


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