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Fecon Australia – Renowned Forestry Attachments

Fecon has become a household name in the forestry industry, thanks to its premium builds and heavy-duty mulching abilities. Whether it is vegetation management, removal of invasive plants, creating fire breaks or more, Fecon has your back! Fecon understands that investing in equipment is more than just a transaction – it’s a commitment, that’s why they boast exceptional durability, reliability, and operator support. Ensuring that every attachment and machine is build heavy duty to handle even the hardest Australian timbers whilst offering premium before and after sales support.

Skid Steer Mulchers and Excavator mulchers

One of the standout features of the Fecon forestry mulcher range is their immense power. Equipped with heavy-duty rotors and robust tools, these mulchers are designed to efficiently clear dense vegetation, shrubs, trees and brush. The Fecon Bullhog mulchers are available to suit most models of skid steers and excavators, offering versatility with the availability of standard and high flow models. Your choice in a range of different rotors to suit your specific needs, the Heavy duty FGT, the fine end product DCR or Fast cutting FMX. Built with variable displacement hydraulic motors that automatically adjust speed and torque, creating better flow and cutting ability with less stall than other mulchers available on the market. The Fecon Bullhog mulchers are the benchmark in quality and power.

Forestry Tractors

When it comes to power Fecon Forestry Tractors are on top. Fecon has earned its reputation with its range of impressive, tracked forestry tractors, spanning from the 140hp up to 310hp. These forestry tractors redefine the landscape of land management, delivering not only results, but a superior return on your investment. Built with a renowned Cummins engine, these tractors feature premium parts and components, equaling less downtime and more worktime. Each tractor is sold with a Fecon mulching head equipped, whilst having the ability to fit multiple attachments such as the tree shears, Stumpex, root rake, rotary deck mower, dirt bucket and other attachments requiring high flow. Featuring a comfortable cabin adjustable seat, touchscreen display and more.

Stumpex – Stump Grinder

When it comes to tackling stubborn stumps, traditional methods can be time-consuming, messy, and disruptive. That’s where Fecon Stumpex steps in – a game-changing stump grinder that reimagines the process with an alternative approach. Designed for both excavators and skid steers, Fecon Stumpex offers an innovative auger-style rotational grinding method that transforms stumps into a fine end product with unparalleled efficiency and minimal disturbance. Utilizing a slow rotation and high torque, the Stumpex takes on stumps ranging from 25 to 81cm in diameter and grinds them down 50cm in just 90 seconds. Safe work and Easier clean up compared to most other stump grinders on the market, as it rotates at a low RPM reducing highspeed debris flying everywhere.

Tree Shears

Fecon Tree Shears are made for excavators and skid steers and have redefined the art of tree shearing, lifting, bunching, and carrying with a single attachment. Fecon Tree Shears are designed to thrive, even in the most challenging environments. They easily reach areas that are otherwise inaccessible, including up and down slopes. With Fecon Tree Shears, you can tackle forestry management tasks in areas that were once considered off-limits. Like every Fecon product the tree shears are built with high quality in mind, this includes the heavy-duty shear knives. These knives are made with premium steel to ensure durability and longevity. The perfect balance between strength and weight, the lightweight yet robust frame ensures maneuverability and efficiency while performing demanding tasks.

Whether you’re working on large-scale land clearing projects, forestry maintenance, or bushfire prevention, Fecon offers the equipment needed to get the job done effectively and swiftly. Backed by parts, sales and support nationwide.

Enquire today at www.fecon.net.au  or call 1300 FECON 1.


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