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Fecon Australia’s RK5015 Standard Flow Mulcher

Fecon Australia’s RK5015 Standard Flow Mulcher is undoubtedly a game changer for the entire construction industry, offering owners and operators of mid-size skid steers and track loaders the new capability of forestry and land clearing work using a premium quality mulcher.
World-famous for their power, efficiency and versatility, Fecon’s catalogue of skid steer mulchers had, until 2020, been exclusive to owners of larger-sized SSLs and CTLs offering high hydraulic flow rates. Now, however, Fecon’s mulcher range has expanded into the mid-sized market to allow owners and operators of lower-flow machines the same renowned Fecon mulching experience.
Operating a variable displacement 45cc hydraulic motor within a 2400 to 3000 rpm range, Fecon’s RK5015 can efficiently process small trees up to 150mm in diameter and makes light work of even the most stubborn scrub. 22 highly durable cutting tools, designed to maximise mulching efficiency and provide an unrivalled long service life, are contained within a cleverly designed 1270mm rotor to produce a consistently fine chip size and a remarkably tidy final product. The rotor itself is also made from heavy duty steel, specifically designed for wear-resistance and abrasion tolerance.
With a weight of less than 600kg even including its adaptable mounting plate and push bar, coupled with its close centre of gravity design, the RK5015 is easily carried by most mid-sized skid steers and track loaders. It is ideal for owners and operators of mid-sized skid steers or compact track loaders undertaking a wide range of land clearing works – fire prevention and mitigation, agricultural mulching such as fence rows and crop perimeters, construction site clean-ups, dense brush clearing and general vegetation management.
The new capability for mid-sized skid steer loaders to run a heavy-duty, premium quality mulching attachment, as is offered by Fecon’s RK5015, expands the overall business capabilities and generates lucrative additional revenue streams for virtually every one of the thousands of owners and operators of these machines throughout Australia.


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