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Fecon Forestry Mulchers: Built Tough for Australian Conditions

Fecon is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of forestry attachments and machines, globally renowned for building the toughest attachments in the industry. Made in the USA using premium quality steel, Fecon products are engineered and constructed with unmatched durability and power to tackle any Australian timber. Furthermore, with Fecon Australia – your national supplier of the full range of Fecon forestry equipment – customers throughout Australia receive world-famous forestry machines backed by only the best local service, support, parts and sales.

Fecon Mulchers: Overview

Designed to be powerful and versatile, Fecon mulchers are perfectly engineered to suit a wide variety of track and skid steer loaders offering anywhere from 53 up to 191 LPM of hydraulic flow, plus mini and large excavators sized from 5 tonne and above.

Fecon mulchers satisfy the three key requirements in a forestry attachment: durability, performance, and value for money. Innovative engineering, premium quality steel throughout, reinforced rotors and mulching teeth and exceptional welding processes combine to deliver strength and longevity.

Variable motor speeds also maximise the overall performance of Fecon mulchers. For lighter material loads, higher RPM means more bites per second and finer material sizing, and with heavier material the mulcher delivers more rotor torque, keeping the rotor turning when other heads may stall.

Excavator Mulcher Models

Fecon Bull Hog mulchers are available to suit mini excavators as small as 5 tonnes in size, up to heavy excavators 45+ tonne.

Perhaps Fecon’s most popular excavator mulcher models, the FMX36 and FMX50 operate a unique split ring rotor system and Rexroth variable speed hydraulic motor, delivering a consistently-fine end chip size. Suitable for excavators 5-15 tonnes with 45 to 151 litres per minute of flow, the primary difference between models is the 1118mm (FMX36) versus 1473mm (FMX50) overall widths, offering greater needs-based options for operators.

In addition, within this 5-15 tonnes size class, Fecon also offers a CEM36 model – with similar size specifications compared to the FMX models, the primary differentiator for the CEM26 model is the rotor: instead of the FMX style rotor, the CEM36 comes with your choice of either a Depth Control (DCR) or Fecon Grinding Teeth (FGT) rotor. The DCR option delivers a very fine chip size and is primarily suited to aerial work with minimal ground engagement – whereas the FGT rotor creates a larger chip size but is more robust for ground engagement work.

Moving up in excavator size class, Fecon offers the BH47 and BH62 models for 12-20 tonne machines, as well as the BH40, BH80 and BH200 models for 15-45 tonne diggers. All models include premium Rexroth variable displacement motors in various configurations and power output capacities.

The BH47 model is available with your choice of DCR and FGT rotor as detailed above, and 18 cutting tools on its rotor – whereas the BH62 tolerates a higher hydraulic flow rate for more powerful performance, is available with an FGT rotor and 24 cutting tools, and also your choice of either a 107V or 160V motor.

Fecon’s BH40, BH80 and BH200 are the largest models available, to suit heavy excavators 15-45 tonnes in size. Each model comes with your choice of DCR or FGT rotor and various motor voltage outputs. These models are built extremely robust to handle virtually any timber mulching requirement, offering unmatched durability, performance and overall quality.

Skid Steer Mulcher Models

Fecon Australia’s range of premium skid steer mulchers is nationally renowned for its versatility, performance and reliability.

Staples of the Fecon SSL Mulcher range for more than a decade, the BH85 and BH74 models for high flow skid steers remain ever popular in the forestry and construction industry. With premium Rexroth motors and hydraulic trap doors as standard, plus your choice of Depth Control or FGT rotor, the Fecon BH85 and BH74 offer the same exceptional performance and reliability, primarily differentiated by their widths – 85 inch (2160mm) versus 74 inch (1880mm) – to suit various operational requirements and access widths.

More recent additions to the Fecon skid steer mulcher range are the smaller RK5015 and RK6015 models – unique innovations designed to suit machines with less hydraulic flow. Requiring only 52 litres per minute or more of hydraulic to run, Fecon have revolutionised the forestry industry with these models – operators now have the ability to run a premium Fecon mulcher on smaller machines. The RK5015 and RK6015 offer similar premium features – a split ring FMX rotor for a consistent and fine chip size, adaptable mounting plates to suit any brand of machine, and a Rexroth hydraulic motor – and vary based on their 1550mm (RK5015) versus 1803mm (RK6015) working widths, containing 22 and 26 cutting tools respectively.

As a result, for any mid-to-large size skid steer owner or operator undertaking forestry or vegetation management works, Fecon Australia have the ideal mulching attachment to suit your needs – built tough for Australian conditions delivering maximum performance, productivity and durability.

Parts, Service & Support

Fecon Australia also offer a nationwide parts, service, sales and support network for all machines and attachments, ensuring that any scheduled or unplanned downtime is resolved quickly and easily. Don’t wait weeks for replacement parts or service requests as is standard for many forestry equipment suppliers in Australia – Fecon Australia will have your support needs catered to swiftly and efficiently.

For more information about Fecon Australia’s range of forestry machines and attachments, visit www.fecon.net.au or call the national information line on 1300 332 661.


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