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Fecon FTX150 with East Coast Vegetation Management

For Nick Cornally, Director of East Coast Vegetation Management (ECVM) based in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, nothing is more important to his business than efficiency and reliability.

ECVM are one of the state’s premier vegetation management companies undertaking major forestry projects throughout New South Wales on behalf of major agencies and corporations. Due to their busy schedule and high demand for their premium quality work, Nick and the East Coast Veg team are constantly under time pressure to complete their projects quickly and effectively, without sacrificing quality.

As a result, Nick needs his forestry machinery to deliver maximum reliability, performance and efficiency. There’s no time for down time, and his machines work hard and fast day in, day out.

And, for such high demands, Nick relies on Fecon forestry equipment from his local dealer ASV Sales & Service to get the job done. For years, the ECVM team have utilised Fecon brand Tree Shears, Excavator Mulchers and Skid Steer Mulchers on their Eurocomach Mini Excavator and Terex Posi-Track machines.

Recently, East Coast Veg carried out a major forestry project outside Newcastle – clearing a pine plantation from a 24 hectare site, to allow the native bushland to reclaim the terrain. With only days to get the project completed, Nick and his team deployed the renowned Fecon FTX150 forestry tractor to maximise their overall mulching efficiency.

Engineered and manufactured with unprecedented durability to withstand the full range of mulching demands, the FTX150 comprises a high strength, heavy duty steel construction built tough to last, yet without sacrificing ground pressure. A 140hp 4-cylinder water-cooled Cummins 4.5 litre engine offers extraordinary operating power, and a 345 bar 227 litres per minute high flow hydraulic system maximises the performance of any mulcher or other attachment.

“The FTX150 is more than up to this job, it shreds through the pine with absolute ease. We’re clearing hectares each day and the machine is showing no signs of slowing down. It just mows through these 5 metre pines so quickly,” said Nick.

The FTX150’s deluxe ROPS/FOPS cab is designed for complete operator satisfaction. Adjustable joystick pods attached to a suspension seat with 4 points of egress results in pure comfort, and a large touchscreen IQAN display provides easy and efficient machine operation at the press of a button. The expansive cab is also pressurised and offers heating, defrosting and air conditioning, delivering all-day comfort for the ECVM crew.

“The cab is extremely comfy,” said Adam, one of East Coast Vegetation Management’s primary operators. “I’m a tall bloke and some other track loaders are a real squeeze, with no head or shoulder room, but this Fecon is spacious, and the controls are very comfortable to use as well. The joysticks are so smooth and the air conditioning is great on even very hot days.”

In addition, an expertly designed undercarriage offers a high 410mm of ground clearance, an impressive 6.4kph travel speed, 500mm track width and a remarkably low 3.7psi of ground pressure. The result: Nick, Adam and the team can work harder, faster and longer in a range of challenging terrain conditions, with minimal ground disturbance and maximum speed.

“We do a lot of work on uneven and unstable terrain with loads of debris around, but the FTX just walks over it without a drama,” said Nick. “We can get around quickly and easily over branches, mulch and mud very quickly, meaning we get the job done quicker as well.”

Even the reduced servicing procedures and requirements of the FTX150 are extraordinary. Large side compartment doors allow effortless and thorough access to the engine. The moving components of the machine are designed to work longer and more efficiently than other competitor track loaders in its class. The outcome for Nick and ECVM is the ultimate objective in any machine; minimal downtime, reduced operating costs and maximised productivity.

“The massive side doors swing open and the whole engine and components are right there and easy to access,” said Adam. “A lot of other machines are a hassle to fix or grease and the components are tightly packed into the engine bay, but the Fecon is totally different. Everything is easy to get to.”

The FTX150 also comes equipped with a severe duty BH85 Bull Hog mulcher head as standard, designed for fast and clean mulching of even Australia’s most challenging hardwood timbers. Fecon’s range of mulching heads are renowned for their performance, durability and efficiency – in combination with the FTX150 tractor, your machine becomes the ultimate forestry weapon.

“The mulching head is so powerful, it just shreds whatever is in front of it, no matter how hard or soft,” said Nick. “It’s really impressive how it can bring down even the bigger trees and shred them down into fine mulch within a few seconds. It makes our job quicker and easier, but also leaves a really tidy and consistent end product behind once we’re finished.”

Primarily conceived for forestry work, its versatile and powerful design with high flow hydraulics results in the FTX150 being a highly adaptable large track loader, that is also adept at many tasks beyond the forestry scope.

“It’s got a great flow rate, super stable on its wide tracks, easy to steer around and the controls are simple to use. I can’t see why we couldn’t use the Fecon for other projects we’d normally use a standard track loader for, like shifting materials and cleaning up sites for construction,” said Adam.

As a result, the FTX150 is already building a reputation as the premier mulching tractor in the Australian forestry and vegetation management industry. Now available for sale, dry hire or try-before-you-buy, expand your business capabilities with the versatile, efficient and reliable FTX150 Forestry Mulching Tractor from Fecon Australia.

To learn more about the Fecon FTX150 Forestry Tractor and book an inspection at your nearest dealer, visit www.fecon.net.au.





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