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Find the best staff for your business

Cappro Pacific consultants are highly talented individuals with a minimum of 15 years experience delivering bankable results for their clients. This enables them to provide to you talent matched on experience, track record and qualifications.

Principal Consultants Ryan O’Donnell and Iden Werden actually take the time to ensure the right cultural fit to optimise long-term retention and prosperity for your organization. They strive to deliver quality over quantity, and above all, a sturdy ROI for their clients.

Cappro Pacific are one of the rare recruitment business that not just understand your recruitment process but have clear technical and commercial knowledge of all capital equipment markets. Their senior consultants have the passion, enthusiasm, the connections and talent pools to connect you to the best talent with your market area.

Cappro Pacific consultants invest time at the start of the process to correctly profile the role or job at hand. This investment translates to quality rather than quantity, saving you a lot of time and money in the long run.

A holistic approach in relation to candidate screening encompasses the talents experience, qualification and achievements. Your company/team culture is also considered when matching a candidate to optimize retention and long-term prosperity for both parties.

Cappro Pacific focuses on the Australian and New Zealand market, which enables their clients to expand across the Tasman in either direction and capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Eire Constructions. Pic: Lindsay Moller Productions

Ryan and Iden go above and beyond to find you the best quality talent on the market. Using Cappro you can be sure they will deliver you the best talent in the pacific.

They recognise the importance of understanding your business and have a vested interest in seeing your organization grow, develop and succeed by helping you acquire the best talent out there.

Partner with Cappro Pacific today and enjoy the bottom line benefits that can be achieved when you have the right team members in your business.

For the best staff for your business visit cappropacific.com.au


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