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Finding a Winning Formula with Quality Equipment

With just a few years under its belt, Yello Equipment has established itself as one of Australia’s leading suppliers of SANY machinery. Andy Hopcroft, General Manager, talks about what sets Yello apart in the competitive industry of machine dealership: quality service and quality gear.

Since its inception in 2020, Yello Equipment has set up sale yards in NSW and QLD which provides its service nationwide. As a committed authorised dealer for SANY, Andy cannot speak highly enough of these machines, “They are fast, easy to operate, environmentally friendly and perfect for confined narrow work.” Andy adds, “innovative approach, excellent design, and affordability are just a number of reasons why SANY are our preferred machine brand.”

The D-Lock quick hitch and the SANY SY265LC ready for action.4

With a diverse fleet Yello Equipment can cater for projects ranging from civil to landscaping, plumbing to forestry, waste management to mining; maintaining their goal of providing their customers with reliable, affordable, and durable equipment to suit their every need. “We thrive to establish solid relationships, and by providing the highest of quality machinery, we ensure we’re looking out for our customers’ best interest,” Andy says.

The Doherty D-Lock Tilt Hitch fitted to the SANY SY265LC on site with Preston Hire.

With strong customer demands, Yello Equipment will only partner with suppliers they believe are up for the task. For this reason, Doherty Couplers and Attachments are unquestionably their supplier of choice. Doherty hitches have gone to a multitude of customers for an array of machines, from 1.8T to 36.5T excavators. Andy acknowledges, “Doherty is clearly known for the quality and innovation of their attachments. We notice how much our customers respect that quality, and the pairing of SANY and Doherty bring a whole new level of safety and reliability.”

“The D-Lock hitches are reliable and easy to use, something we need when hiring out machines,” says Jason of Preston Hire.

Construction equipment hire company Preston Hire, are one of those customers and through Yello Equipment, have been testing the Doherty D-Lock quick hitches and the D-Lock tilt hitches on their new SANY SY265LC and SY365H machines with positive feedback. “The reason we’ve used the Doherty quick and tilt hitches is their durability and reputation of being reliable and easy to use, something we need when hiring out machines,” says Jason Green, Preston Hire Business Development Manager.

Andy considers a shift in manufacturing has been a notable change in the industry in recent years. The production of reputable equipment can now be sourced from Mainland China, including Yello Equipment’s preferred SANY, which has undergone a significant increase in quality and reputation. This means together with Doherty’s attachments, Yello Equipment provide their customers with a winning combination that can’t be beat.

Yello Equipment and Doherty: the winning combination.

The synergy between the two companies is driven by the great outcome they provide to the end user.

“Our customers are looking for high-quality reliable gear that continues to turn up and work efficiently onsite every time,” highlights Andy. “Combined, they not only bring worksites equipment that can efficiently increase productivity, safety, and reliability, but also surpass the standards other businesses supply.”


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