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Gates New Line of Premium, Multi-Purpose Hydraulic Hoses

Gates New Line of Premium, Multi-Purpose Hydraulic Hoses

Gates MXT™ line, designed using applied materials science and process expertise, delivers lightweight, flexible hydraulic hoses that exceed industry standards

Gates Corporation, a leading global provider of fluid power solutions, introduces the next generation of premium hydraulics hoses with the new Gates MXT™. This innovative, patent-pending product line is a lighter weight and more flexible solution that meets or exceeds a wide range of industry standards and addresses both the replacement market and original equipment manufacturer needs. It is designed for applications across industries such as agriculture, mining, construction and other demanding performance end-markets applications.

“We have been focused on enhancing our product development and manufacturing capabilities, and MXT™ is a great example of how these investments are starting to pay off,” said Ivo Jurek, CEO of Gates Industrial. “This innovative new product further demonstrates our ongoing dedication to push the boundaries of applied materials science and manufacturing processes to deliver solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.”¬¬¬¬¬¬

“Our customers have been telling us they want lighter, more flexible and easier-to-handle products that address multiple industry standards. They are seeking to enhance the performance of their machines, simplify their engineering processes, improve operational efficiencies and streamline inventory with a simplified selection of replacement products that can be used on virtually any original equipment platform,” said Tom Pitstick, CMO and SVP of Product Line Management for Gates Industrial. “MXT™ delivers on these needs and adds value to our customers beyond just premium product performance.”

Gates MXT Features
• More flexible with an average of 40 percent decreased force-to-bend (compared to similar Gates products), allowing for faster and more ergonomic installation
• Up to 30 percent lighter weight for improved fuel efficiency, easier handling and reduced shipping costs
• Meets or exceeds multiple industry standards, covering approximately 90 percent of the hydraulic wire braid product applications
• Tested to exceed 600,000 impulse cycles – three times greater than industry standards
• Designed to work exclusively with Gates MegaCrimp™ couplings

Further information can be found at www.gatesaustralia.com.au/megasys-mxt

For your next hydraulic hose service or installation using Gates hydraulic hoses, call 1800 HOSE VAN on 1800 467 382, or visit www.1800HOSEVAN.com.au for more details.


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