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Global Knowledge with Local Expertise

With a product range that’s been a significant part of Australian earthmoving for over 14 years, Doherty Couplers & Attachments goes from strength to strength as it establishes a base in key regions throughout Australia.

New Zealand head office, which exports over 75% of its earthmoving attachments from their 1350-sqm purpose-built manufacturing plant in Tauranga, continues to grow in Australia with a 1400-sqm Brisbane workshop in full swing, a smaller factory in Melbourne and plans for a NSW factory in 2022.

Managing director, Jeremy Doherty says Doherty’s Australasia and international reputation (including a manufacturing under license agreement for its couplers in the US) is something the company is extremely proud of.

“From Australasia to US to Europe, we specialise in providing a five-star earthmoving attachment package,” Jeremy says of the company that undertakes concept design, production and delivery of the finished product, with a service level he describes as second to none.

“We provide intelligent manufacturing solutions. Our philosophy is to create a partnership with our clients. We provide precision attachments in a unique way which puts together the best of our client’s needs.”

And to keep strong to this philosophy, Doherty’s management team makes sure it continually invests in its staff and equipment so any job entering its doors can be met with the necessary level of expertise to ensure customers’ quality and safety expectations are exceeded.

With the core foundations of technology, processes, and expertise in place, the company is looking to grow its product diversity, production volumes, and client base, says Jeremy.

Doherty is also well known for its attachments in particular the Snaplock+ Coupler range and its vital safety features, says Group General Manager Mark Walker.

Better capacity and reduction in fuel consumption the Powerdig buckets are gaining huge interest throughout the industry.

“Doherty’s Snaplock+ range is focused on high safety specifications with both the coupler and the tilts having a dual pin locking system ensuring attachments remain securely engaged on both pins in the event of loss of engagement force,” explains Mark. “In addition, all have strengthened parts specifically suited to our tough Australian conditions.”

“Being fully-compliant to Australian standard AS4772-208, European EN474 standard, ISO13031 international standard and all major contractor policies, makes it an awesome bit of gear.”

For more information call 1800 057 021 or visit dohertydirect.net


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