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Unlock the potential of your skid steer

Harness the Efficiency and Power Unlock the potential of your skid steer with an Australian-made attachment built for tough Australian conditions.

Himac’s range of skid steer slashers provide fast-paced slashing of grass, bushes, scrub, small / medium trees and other vegetation. Four primary models and several cutting width options to choose from.
Consider our popular Heavy Duty Slasher with dual-blade 3″ diameter cutting capacity – the perfect high speed attachment for slashing grass, creating fire breaks, clearing fence lines, trimming small trees before a stump removal along with other vegetation control and general landscaping duties. Available in five cutting widths, there is sure to be a skid steer slasher to suit your machine.
For venturing into scrub territory, we offer a four-blade Extreme Duty Slasher option boasting 4″ diameter cutting capacity. Like the Heavy Duty alternative, this model will deliver a high level of skid steer slashing efficiency but with the added functionality of tackling scrub and thicker vegetation without breaking a sweat! Available in two cutting widths and high flow options to suit your slashing requirements.

Need to tackle large volume vegetation? The Mulching Slasher can cut down Lantana and other plant pests in an instant. Featuring a high-grade 6mm think reinforced Slasher deck and integrated push bar, the Mulching Slasher bears an extreme duty 4-blade carrier. The combination of quad blade configuration and serrated edges provides the mulching-style action required the obliterate plant pests effectively. The Mulching Slasher is also available in two cutting widths to suit.
For the next level of power, our Extreme Duty Brush Cutter features direct drive hydraulic motors and double edge blades ideal for intense slashing work. With 5″ diameter cutting capacity, integrated push bar and extreme four-blade carrier, this attachment is designed to handle thick vegetation and small tree regrowth over rugged terrain with minimal effort.
By complying with Aussie safety standards, you have the added peace-of-mind that your safety is at the forefront with these slasher attachment designs.

To find out which Slasher best suits your needs, just give the friendly and highly knowledgeable team at Himac Attachments a call on 1800 888 114 today!


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