The Caterpillar range of Next Generation mini hydraulic excavators has been expanded with the addition of four new models in the 7-to-10-tonne category. These new models provide a range of size and configurations that allows owners to choose the machine that works best for their application. Cat® Next Generation mini excavators feature heavy duty main structures, fuel efficient engines, load sensing hydraulics, spacious cabs, and the exclusive Caterpillar Stick-Steer system. Caterpillar’s overall design goal in developing its Next Generation models is to ensure optimum value for owners in terms of performance, operator experience, serviceability, and affordability.

The new-model lineup includes:
307.5 – a new Cat model, the 307.5 is a standard tail swing model with a fixed boom that provides the best possible digging and lifting performance.
308 CR – a compact radius model with a swing boom that provides the versatility of working in tight spaces where site-safety requires minimal tail overhang.
309 CR – a new Cat model in the mini range featuring a compact radius, swing boom, and high flow auxiliary hydraulics that provides the ability to multi-function while maintaining maximum hydraulic power to attachments.
310 – also new to the range, featuring a fixed boom, standard tail swing, and twin blade cylinders for heavy-duty blade applications.
Hastings Deering Sales Manager for Building Construction Industries, Scott McGrath, said: “Our customers will see up to 20% improved performance, up to 11% reduction in fuel consumption, and up to 10% maintenance cost reduction.”
“Add 65% improved lifting capacity, 25% higher swing torque and 20% overall improved performance in the new 308 CR and we’ve got a real game changer,” McGrath added.
Operator environment
The design of Cat Next Generation mini excavators emphasizes operator comfort, convenience, and safety. The four new models are fitted with sealed and pressurized cabs to ensure a quiet, clean and dust-free operator environment. The large front window slides upward and stores conveniently overhead, and expansive glass areas on the sides and rear of the cab, plus a skylight, provide all-around visibility.
Intuitive controls include the Next Generation LCD monitor that provides easy-to-read machine information and features an automotive style jog-dial for easy navigation, including setting personal operating preferences. Each monitor includes passcode enabled starting as well as integrated radio with Bluetooth capability to connect with an operator’s smart-phone.
An exclusive feature for all new Next Generation models is the Cat Stick Steer system, which allows the operator to switch (with the touch of a button) from conventional lever/foot-pedal steering controls to low-effort joystick control.

Premium performance
Cat Next Generation mini excavators use an efficient, fuel-saving, load-sensing hydraulic system with an electronically controlled variable-displacement piston pump. Customers will experience increased travel performance and higher digging and lifting forces over earlier models.
“High flow on the new 309 model is perfectly suited for our customers who require a hydro-mechanical work tool such as a brushcutter. With a dedicated auxiliary pump, travelling while mulching no longer effects the efficiency or performance of the machine,” says McGrath.
A dozer blade further expands the capability of all models, allowing the machine to handle backfilling and grading tasks. The blade features ample travel, above and below grade, and has a float function.
“This is such a revolutionary change in machine technology, and it is important for us at Hastings Deering to showcase this to our customers,” says McGrath. “We plan to do this through offering demos across our business centre network, so our customers can experience this game changing technology first-hand.”

For further product information visit us at: hastingsdeering.com.au/ae/mini or call 1300 865 305.


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