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Heavy Machine Of The Year

Caterpillar 374FL Excavator

The Cat 374FL has proven to be the standout performer in its class.

Built with the understanding that production and fuel efficiency are the key drivers in this size, Caterpillar developed a machine that keeps customers production numbers up and their owning and operating costs down.

The combination of an efficient Cat C15 engine and a powerful hydraulic system ensures our customers get the most out of each litre of fuel they use.

The whole machine has been designed around long-term production with box section structures having multi plate fabrications, whilst castings and forgings are used in high-stress areas to ensure durability.

Our booms and sticks are built for long term service and our greased track link increases our undercarriage life. Operators regularly comment how quick and powerful the 374FL is and the proof is in the dirt they can move!

When fitted with a 5m3 bucket, the 374FL can move dirt all day with speed, precision, and efficiency like nothing else and the quiet operator environment keeps the operator comfortable and productive. There isn’t a better machine in this class!

We are excited about the launch of the new 374 in 2021 as this will take performance and production to new levels. It will prove to the world that if you are serious about moving dirt and doing it efficiently, then the 374 is your machine!



Volvo A60H Articulated Hauler. Heavy Machine Of The Year finalist in the Australian Earthmoving Awards.

Volvo A60H Articulated Hauler

Always ready to work – the bigger, more durable and superior, A60H articulated hauler from Volvo Construction Equipment provides continuous productivity and superb reliability thanks to its robust design and easy service access. The A60H is Volvo Construction Equipment’s largest articulated hauler to date. Designed for heavy hauling in severe off-road operations, including quarries, opencast mines and large earthmoving operations, the A60H’s long service life, quality, reliability and durability are everything you’d expect from a Volvo, making hauling easier and more efficient. Volvo CE has come a long way from its original 10 tonne articulated hauler in 1966 – ‘Gravel Charlie’. Over fifty years and 50 tonnes later, Volvo is still the world’s leading manufacturer of articulated haulers. Volvo invented the concept and has been developing these machines for over half a century.



Hidromek HMK600MG Grader. Heavy Machine Of The Year finalist in the Australian Earthmoving Awards.

Hidromek HMK600MG Grader

The HMK600MG is the largest model in Hidromek’s grader range, constructed with a heavy-duty frame and a standard operating weight of 18.4ton.
It comes with a Mercedes Benz diesel engine providing great efficiency, power and fuel economy with variable horsepower ranging from 187-214 HP.
The easy access hexagonal ROPS/FOPS cab provides the operator with panoramic visibility. Some of the in-cab features include a 7˝ TFT information screen, multi-functional device holder, heated air-suspension seat, fully heated windows, powerful air-con and adjustable steering column.
The machine uses the Opera Control System and is operated by steering wheel, joystick control steering and blade motion joystick control. It has 8 forward-8 reverse gears.
The kinematic design of the blade tray allows the blade to be positioned 90 degrees to the right or left for various applications such as slope cutting, trench digging and levelling.




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