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Heavy plant shortage in the region

Heavy plant shortage in the region is certain to attract serious attention from buyers for the upcoming Euro Auction, Brisbane sale on 20th August.

Following the success of the latest Euro Auctions sale in Brisbane at the end of June, the upcoming sale on 20th August is attracting much attention, with dealers and contractors in the region struggling to source good quality heavy machinery, agricultural equipment and construction plant, due to Covid.

Held behind ‘closed doors’ the recent Euro Auctions live online auction in Brisbane on 25th June, attracted international interest, with bidders registering from a global audience. However, it was the home audience that was successful in the final bidding, with buyers from Australia and New Zealand snapping up the bulk of all lots.

In June first time registrations were up, showing an increase of over 132% when compared to the same mid-summer sale in June 2019. Over 30% of first time registered bidders bought at this sale, again an increase over the same sale last year. With imports of new machinery on hold due to the pandemic, and OEMs ceasing to manufacture, good used equipment is popular, with new construction projects and an increased need in agriculture fuelling demand.

Craig Hart, Euro Auctions Territory Manager for Queensland, “Covid has dictated a change in the way we conduct the sale, being live, online and behind closed doors, however prices have been strong, and activity brisk. Consignors are ever committed to the recent and upcoming sale, and equipment has been arriving for the August auction since the last sale.”

Live & Online – Bidding & Buying
As previous Covid sales, Euro Auctions will not be inviting the public to attend the sale, however this will be a live sale, conducted online. A small team of staff from the Brisbane site, plus the local territory managers, will conduct the sale, and the auctioneers that will conduct the sale will be the team from sister company Yoder & Frey HQ in Ohio, USA with chief auctioneer Lucas Schneider officiating over the proceedings.

Euro Auctions sales are unreserved meaning all lots are sold on the day to the highest bidder. There are no minimum bids; no reserve prices and no buy backs. Bidders can register for a free account and start to save searches, adding items to a watchlist. Prospective buyers need to obtain a bidding number, enabling one to bid in one of two ways:
• Online – using the Euro Auctions secure bidding platform.
• Pre-bid – leaving a single bid in advance of the auction.
Successful buyers will pay a commission on all hammer prices, of 10% on the first AUD $3,500 and 2.5% on the balance plus 10% GST.


20 T Excavators
Kobelco SK350LC 600mm Pads, Piped, A/C 250,000
2012 Hitachi ZX330-3 600mm Pads, Piped, CV, Hyd QH, Reverse Camera, A/C, 8,914hrs 75,000
10 T Excavators
2012 Kobelco SK135SR 500mm Pads, Piped, CV, Hyd QH, Reverse Camera, 1,918hrs 82,500
6 T Excavators
2012 CAT 308E 450mm Pads, Blade, Offset, Piped, Aux Piping, Hyd QH, A/C, 2,719hrs 57,000
2010 Yanmar VI080 450mm Pads, Blade, Offset, A/C, 4,201hrs 26,000
IHI 70Z Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset Boom, Hyd QH, 6,551hrs 14,500
Mini Diggers
2017 Yanmar VIO55-6B 400mm Pads, Blade, Offset, Piped, Hyd QH, Mud Bucket, 3,328hrs 29,000
2016 Yanmar VIO55-6B 400mm Pads, Blade, Offset, Piped, Hyd QH, Mud Bucket, 4,405hrs 29,000
2020 Rhinoceros XN08 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Piped, GP Bucket 7,250
Skid Steer Loaders
2016 CAT 289D Tracked Skidsteer Loader, Bucket, EROPS, 2 Speed, A/C, 1,309hrs 70,000
2014 Case TV380 Tracked Skidsteer Loader, Aux Piping, 4 in 1 Bucket, A/C, 2,646hrs 43,000
2019 Bobcat S70 Skidsteer Loader, Piped, 4 in 1 Bucket 26,000
2018 CAT D6T XL 2018,SU Blade & Tilt, Multi Shank Ripper, Reverse Camera, A/C, 9hrs 370,000
2018 CAT D6N 2018, 6 Way Pat Blade, Multi Shank Ripper, Reverse Camera, A/C, 12hrs 297,500

Upcoming Auctions – which will be ‘On-Line’ or ‘Timed’ sales
12th – 15th Aug LEEDS – UK
20th August – Live Online BRISBANE Online
20th August – CCU Coal YODER & FREY USA
27th Aug – Off Site Duo Staffordshire – UK
28th & 29th August DROMORE – Northern Ireland
2nd, 3rd & 4th September DORMAGEN – Germany

For more information on all Euro Auctions sales, including the upcoming Brisbane sale please contact the following Territory Managers
Craig Hart – 0614179273 37 [email protected]

NSW, Victoria
Darrell Thompson – 0614178220 16 [email protected]

North & Central Queensland
Nick Bradley – 0614120353 28 [email protected]


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