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Hidromek 600MG Grader

Hidromek machines are designed with a focus on performance, durability, comfort and safety.
The HMK600MG is the largest model in Hidromek’s grader range, constructed with a heavy-duty frame and a standard operating weight of 18.4ton.
It comes with a Mercedes Benz diesel engine providing great efficiency, power and fuel economy with variable horsepower ranging from 187-214 HP.
The hydrostatic cooling fan, which can operate at variable speed depending on the engine temperature, automatically operates in the reverse direction, ensuring the cleaning of the cooling system and thus increases efficient operation.
Thanks to the closed centre electro-hydraulic valve fed by a variable flow piston pump, the hydraulic pressure can be easily adjusted, and power provided to the attachments. Thanks to its load sensing feature, hydraulic flow is provided based on the application the machine is working in. With this adjusted hydraulic flow, heating and power loss are reduced, thus increasing the performance of the machine.
The easy access hexagonal ROPS/FOPS cab provides the operator with panoramic visibility. Some of the in-cab features include a 7˝ TFT information screen, multi-functional device holder, heated air-suspension seat, fully heated windows, powerful air-con and adjustable steering column.
Headlights, working lights, day lights and rear lights are all LED.
The machine uses the Opera Control System and is operated by steering wheel, joystick control steering and blade motion joystick control. It has 8 forward-8 reverse gears. Thanks to the FNR button on the joystick, operating comfort is increased with one-button easy gear selection and cruise control.
The HMK600MG motor grader has a tight turning circle and high manoeuvrability thanks to its high front wheel tilting and 20 degree articulation. The articulation joint between the front and the rear chassis is supported with a tapered roller bearing.
The machine has a wide service area for easy maintenance.
Optimum blade angle rolls the cut material over the blade to avoid unnecessary power consumption. The kinematic design of the blade tray allows the blade to be positioned 90 degrees to the right or left for various applications such as slope cutting, trench digging and levelling. The reinforced blade tray is equipped with Teflon wear plates.

Contact your local Hidromek dealer Onetrak for a free demo or to find out more.
Call 1300 727 520 or visit onetrak.com.au.


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