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Hit harder and last longer with Boss Breakers.

Boss Attachments are well recognized for supplying premium attachments for performance and quality and their breakers are a must for quarry, demolition, and earthmoving contractors.

These hydraulic breakers deliver heavyweight performance with up to 40% reduced operating costs without any compromise to power and production.

There are several very clever features that make the Boss Breakers such a no nonsense hulk of a hammer that won’t let you down including the Energy Regeneration Nitrogen Gas Cushion Chamber (ERNGCC) that absorbs the piston’s upward recoil and conducts energy recycling for the constant blow.

The Side Buffer Side vibration absorber and side suspension device protects the powercell and they use an Easy-Pass Valve Side mounted type of “Easy-Pass Valve (EPV)” as a spool to regulate smooth oil traffic and control the oil direction for the stable operation and the vibration absorbing. 

Employment of wear resistant plates between cylinder, front head and housing increases the overall product durability.

Compact auto grease refiller is equipped as an optional feature. Easy daily refill and continuous greasing is available as long as the breaker is operated.

Double Speed System is a standard feature to change from long stroke to short stroke according to the operator’s requirement for the optimal performance.

Super Anti Blank Firing (SABF) System SABF increases the lifespan of all components subject to wear and fatigue and reducing stress for the arm of the main carrier and the breaker.

With the SABF system the operator can selectively adjust On & Off Modes of Anti Blank Firing function according to the given working condition.

In SABF On mode, the hammer automatically starts when the tool presses down the workpiece and automatically stops when the tool tip is no longer in contact with the material.

The operator can efficiently control the hammer operation even in poor visibility such as underwater.

Internal stress, especially on the tool-retaining components such as the tool pin, front head, side rod, is reduced, providing increased hammer lifespan.

In SABF Off Mode, the operator can save time to position the breaker. This provides great productivity through increased efficiency of hammer operation.

If you would like more information on these impressive breakers or any of the Boss products visit bossattachments.com.au or call directly 1300 116 661.


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