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Hitting the spot in mid-sized machinery

With maximum comfort, capable tech and an improved hydraulics system, the swing radius is all that’s reduced in the Volvo ECR145E excavator.

Producing mid-sized excavators can be a fine art and one that few manufacturers could hope to perfect.

Too bulky and they are ruled out of applications, too small and the same problem occurs. So, when Volvo set out todevelop the almost 15-tonne ECR145E excavator, it was looking for that perfect sweet spot.

Whilst perfection may seem unobtainable, given the definition differs from one operator to the next, CJD Equipment’s National Product Manager Hayden Grant says the ECR145E is quite versatile and able to work across avariety of jobs.

“The big talking points for Volvo are reliability and economy. It’s a very economical engine to run, owing partially to itsadvanced hydraulic systems,” Grant said.

“The excavator’s reduced swing radius of under 1.5m, makes it well-suited to highway applications where it operates on the side of the road. But it’s also really good at being used in any confined space where there’s lots of obstacles about.”

Adding to its versatility, the ECR145E has two hydraulic circuits which are proportionately controlled and bi-directional. This allows them to run all kinds of functions and attachments including augers, plate compactors, tilting heads, tilting rotators and anything that functions in multiple directions.

“It also has good lift capacity and good balance for a machine with such reduced swing. You can expect good fuelconsumption figures and operators are typically very happy with the comfort of modern-day Volvos.”


All these factors are key considerations by customers of CJD Equipment, Australia’s national distributor for Volvo Construction Equipment.

Grant elaborated on a few other points are always considerations when customers are looking for an excavator.

“The focus never strays from productivity and power, and there is an increasing number of people looking for emission controls and efficiency, primarily because government contracts are written around these factors,” he said.

To keep operators running as efficiently as possible, the ECR145E comes with three different tech-assisted options.

The standard 2D option relies solely on the in-built GPS system to give directional awareness, allowing the operator to visualise direction, slope and depth on the in-cab display.

Then, there is a mid-range option, In-Field Design (IFD), which uses the same satellite systems with the added ability for operators to draw their own job design into the system. This keeps them on track and in the zone to maximisetheir focus and efficiency.

Thirdly, the ECR145E is also available with a full 3D system from TopCon or Trimble.

Grant said the reports from operators have been very positive and the uptake is even better.

“It’s easy to learn, easy to control, and it’s easy to draw into the system. We sell quite a few machines with an approximate 50/50 split between IFD and the full 3D package,” Grant said.

To match the customer with the right machine and the right system, CJD Equipment works closely with them from first inquiry to final commissioning. Grant said it’s this CJD service offering that secures long-time clients for the business.

“In my experience, CJD has a very good reputation for customer satisfaction. Different job sites have different requirements, so we always make sure the machine is prepared in the right manner to suit them.

“And then of course we always attend the delivery and ensure the new owner understands each part of the machine, what they can get it to do, and how they can get the best out of it.”

For more information about Volvo Construction Equipment backed by CJD Equipment’s national product support network, visit cjd.com.au






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